Friday, 27 February 2015

A Week On, Harlequin Codex

My first thoughts after totting up costs, "This is not an army for small points games". All Troupes in my old army where 10 strong, lead by a Shadowseer and with an extra Death Jester so they numbered 11, so I had the option to use the Death Jester or 9 Harlequins. Now as I was sat down with the Codex I looked at my Star Player Troupe and have decided to make it a full Troupe of 12 Harlequins with an attached Death Jester and Shadow Seer to get the buffs. This is not a cheap unit, add in a Tantalos and I have 15 models with not much change from 700 points, these 4 extra Troupers will also be getting Trouprs I'm currently reviewing Batman Villians as we speak although I plan on sticking in a Troupe based on either Nightwing or Azreal for at least one Light Troupe. The rest of Troupes have the option of either a Death Jester and a Shadowseer with 7 Troupers and a Troupe Leader, this unit can also ride a Raider and I can take them as a Formation...
The 3 Vypers are getting a make over to become Voidweavers, 2 Haywire Blasters with 1 Prisma Cannon.
The rest, well I'm keeping the Wraithlords, the Razorwing, the Raiders, I still plan a to buy a Reaper and a Tantalos for this army of course.

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