Sunday, 1 March 2015

Monthly Vow Time!

So 1st of March, 3 months into 2015 already... Monthly vow update, missed out on just the jet bikes for last month but that is just it, 4 Dreads, 6 bikes, Venom and a Raider done, I can live with missing the 2 jet bikes. Right plan A for March, get the 2 bikes done for Malal, think of options for the other 3, sell on/convert up for Exodite Army,

paint up the Drop pod for The Lion's Blades as I only need to use black, get one of the Spirit Warriors done, plan is to have this one carring a Bright Lance, but posed as if it's a Winchester Repeater, convert The Crone Vyper into a Voidweaver by adding a rear facing Shuriken Cannon, finish off the Goon Troupe which I may just use as a Troupe of Shadowseers and the second Troupe has been started,

I may pick up a Voidweaver and use the riders to pad out the Troupe,

last job is to add the rotar cannons to the Titan but I think that one will get bumped.

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