Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Skyweavers For The Masque Of The Breaking Dawn

It was oringinally going to be the Masque Of Twilight but why not rip off a single book rather than the whole series and get a hint in at tbe new background reveiled in Codex Harlequins?
So finished off the 4 jet bikes I'm using as Skyweavers, there will, eventually, be more, made from the actual Skyweaver kit at some future point, for now this is it.

All 4 of Troupe Deathstrike, as said before these guys are all based on Batman Villians and the pilots all have Deathstrike as their Star Player.

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Minimalissimus said...

You should thin down your color and ad much thiner layers of paint. It is always better to ad multiple thin layers than just one fat layer that covers al the details.

Then try to give them a smooth wash and blend in some highlights. It will take some time to paint them but the result is more than worth it ;)