Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Week Off

So a week off, tided my room a bit and some painting done.

I started out by cutting the magnet I'd green stuffed on and filing out the shoulder so I could put the magnet in the shoulder.

I have painted the green stuff black and will be putting the Power Pack back on it before it goes back in the box.

This fin from a drop pod is the reverse of the others, as I left this one loose so I can take it out so a Dreadnought can get out if needs be.

The Dreadnought doors.

The other side, I've left one aquila orange in a nod to the Codex Chapter I've sold off.

The Raider for the Goon Troupe, I took the plunge and attempted some free hand dazzel style patterns on it.

The Starweaver The Blood Red Moon.

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