Sunday, 15 March 2015

Big Stuff

Nither of these are mine.
Smaug, sorry about the photo, but the shop was still closed when I went past this morning

I picked up a couple of Destopian Legion Federated States this week, the officer and Sgt, all I've done is unbox, not even had a chance to clean the flash off it yet. It is slightly taller than the GW mini, I'm thinking that I'll have to take the soles off the boots to shrink him a tiny bit, even then he'll be a tiny bit taller than a standard Guardsman. I have the sgt as well but he's going in the Inquisition Retinue

And lastly this ... Monsterlith? Megalith? Cropped up a few times in my Facebook feed over the weekend, still only counts as 1 I hope.

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