Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blood Angels

Blood Angels, well Knights Of Blood (possibly Codex Marines with the Charcadon Chapter Tactic), are my 3rd army, behind Dark Angels and Harlequins. As a Dark Angel player am I annoyed about Blood Angels getting heavy flamers? Not really. Am I annoyed about Blood Angels getting Grav Guns? Tiny little bit, why not DA as well who have all sorts of tech in the Rock. Am I annoyed about the rumor of their own pyschic power disicpline? No, not at all, I was more annoyed all Marines got access to Divination actually. No what is annoying me the most is how it looks so much like the Dark Angels got screwed once again by being the test bed for main Marine Codex. Am I getting the Codex? Yes, I'd like to play the Knights Of Blood as they were written the 2nd time, but I can't help but feel BA are both as close to OP as Marines get, come on the transport flyer, psychic flying dreadnoughts, fast rhinos, Mepheston, rumored to be getting the Stormtalon and as good as confirmed, grav and heavy flamer tactical squads and the deep striking Land Raider, the real apple of GW's Power Armoured eye.
Oh well back to the red haired step child army for 3 bikes for me.

Friday, 28 November 2014

No Bulletin Yet

No Bulletin from Forge World so far again this week but there have been a couple of emails from them. The latest talks about HH Book 4 up for orders, has a Solar Auxilla Leman Russ varient with a Volkite weapon and the big daddy, the Imperial Fist Contemptor.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Trading Up?

People online are saying the Death Company pictured in the box set have a larger base than normal, I've personally not checked base size in a while but I noticed in this list beside all The Hobbit releases, new base are getting released 32mm and 50mm I think.

Solitaires and Daemonittes

Late last week I ended up buying some more Death Jesters and in the lot on ebay was an original metal Solitaire, the one with the las pistol not the one with the neural stunner, so I decided to paint it up anyway despite already having a mini I'm happy to use as my Solitaire. I did it the same style as the other, white with a silver dry brush then white dry brush over that, I added green to the inside of the coat to give the mini some colour. The other one I intend to use, until GW give us a new mini of the Solitaire Now these 2 photos are what I intend to use as my Daemonittes for Malal's Aspect of Decadence, the one in the coat I intend to get painted on commission as I'd like the skull badge on the back and I'm not sure I'd be able to do a good enough job on it.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

We Shall Call Him The Fat Man

It was really only a matter of time wasn't it?
Not my work.

The Host Of Malal

Bashed out the black late last night, they where fairly easy to get done actually. For this series of photos I've added the Helbrute to show off everything painted so far.
First up the Helbrute, this is being played as a counts as Great Unclean One or The Entropic Aspect Of Malal, for the Blood Thirster or Greater Dæmon of Malal's Burning Rage I'm planning Murderfang, Lord Of Change or The Aspect of Change will be another Helbrute and the Keeper Of Secrets or Aspect of Decidence is an old metal Avatar Of Khaine which is next up.
Second is the 2 Heralds, The Saint is The Herald of The Aspect Of Change, Sceamer or Flamer, still undecided and Herald of Decidence.
The Herald of Decidence; Herald of Malal/Slanneshy aspect. Shortly after the fall when Atlanstar was swallowed by the Eye Of Terror several familes where tempted by dark deeds but after dabbleing with darkness they where kicked out of the Craftworld and fled into the web way. Shortly after setting themselves up in bubble in the web way they realised they'd made a mistake when they felt Slannesh searching for their souls, knowing there was no forgiveness from the Craftworld kin, they sort the help of the one group of Eldar who might help them, the Harlequins. The Harlequins took them close to the Black Library but the Guardians would not let them enter, after a while the Harlequins brought them news of way to foil Slanneshs hunger, but at a cost. The Harlequins told them of Malal and the Renegades came into the followers of Malal. Their souls may still be forefit, but they have beaten Slannesh.

The Herald Of Change, What I'm thinking if making in to my Herald of Malal Tzeentch Aspect. When the Necrons came for her Abby the Cannoness doubted her Sisters would be strong enough to defeat them. A voice whispered to her of a way to defeat them, she denied the voice at first. Only when a Necron Warriors Gauss blast took her did she agree to the voices deal, power flowed through her and she burned the Necrons back, her sisters where also gifted as well, knowing that the Imperium would never welcome them again The Cannoness and her surviving Sisters took their ships and fled into the Warp and into the arms of Malal. Now fingers crossed the plastic Sisters are coming soon or even this small army might get very expensive. Both photos of the Jet Bikes the Seekers, just need to get my paws on a couple more. Quick question though, does the line look straight? And lastly the last of the Harlequins, an orginal Solitaire, a Death Jester and the last Trouper for Troupe 1.

Friday, 21 November 2014

2 Out 8 Done

So struggled with getting stuff done today. Started out with 7 planned minis to paint, Saint, Solitaire, Harlequin, Serphim and 3 Jet Bikes. Got the white done on all of them and to test the scheme on a Jet Bike,  got the Eldar bike done and as the Harlequin only needed some red on it I finished that off as well. The rest are waiting for some time and decent light to paint the black half.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Herald Of Malal That Fights Slannesh

So with one Incubi spare I did wonder what to do with it. I decided to make it my Herald of Malal/Slannesh in the end, if I see enough cheap on ebay they just might become my Dæmonittes as well.

Monday, 17 November 2014

500! Carnival Under The Light Of A Blood Red Moon

G500th post and rather than do a joke I thought I'd post up the whole Carnival. Lots of Harlequins incoming.
First photo is the whole Carnival.
2nd is my Death Jesters counts as Shadow Spector
3rd photo isTeam Deathstrike with Raiders and the Troupes.
4th photo is Team Deathstrike in their unmounted role, I do intend to max out the squad with Jet Bikes, and these guys are getting a Venom transport.
5th photo is Troupe 4 with a Raider.Mocking Gaze Of The Laughing God.
6th photo is Troupe 3 with Raider What Are The Civilian Applications.
7th photo is the Mimes with the Raider Sound Of One Hand Clapping.
8th photo is the Wraithlord Fading Light Of The Evening Star.
9th photo is the Wraithlord Ynneads Laughter.
10th photo is the Razorwing Malice Aforethought.
11th is the counts as Vyphers The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone.
12th photo is the Vypher I Blame Your Mother or The Maiden. The gunner is Boudi from Hasslefree Miniatures.
13th photo is the Vypher Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill or The Crone, again the mini is from Hasslefrer Miniatures.
14th photo is the Vypher I Blame Your Mother or The Mother, the gunner is Beach Babe Sally again from Hasslefree Miniatures.
15th photo is Team Freeze.
16th photo is Team Freeze in their Dragoon role, getting a Venom for them in the new year.
17th photo is Troupe 1 with Raider Wisdom Like Silence.
18th photo is Troupe 2 with Raider Zero Gravitas.
19th photo is the Star Players who are currently without a ride, fingers crossed that the Vect Dais rumor is true as The Star Players need a ride or I'm saving up for the Tantalos.
What I have left to buy for this army is 3 more Venoms, one for the HQ option and one each for Deathstrike and Freeze, I'd like to get another Razorwing to go with the other flyer this one from Team Freeze, a Void Raven and maybe a couple of Ravegers to cover full on anti tank fire/bomb magnet.