Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blood Angels

Blood Angels, well Knights Of Blood (possibly Codex Marines with the Charcadon Chapter Tactic), are my 3rd army, behind Dark Angels and Harlequins. As a Dark Angel player am I annoyed about Blood Angels getting heavy flamers? Not really. Am I annoyed about Blood Angels getting Grav Guns? Tiny little bit, why not DA as well who have all sorts of tech in the Rock. Am I annoyed about the rumor of their own pyschic power disicpline? No, not at all, I was more annoyed all Marines got access to Divination actually. No what is annoying me the most is how it looks so much like the Dark Angels got screwed once again by being the test bed for main Marine Codex. Am I getting the Codex? Yes, I'd like to play the Knights Of Blood as they were written the 2nd time, but I can't help but feel BA are both as close to OP as Marines get, come on the transport flyer, psychic flying dreadnoughts, fast rhinos, Mepheston, rumored to be getting the Stormtalon and as good as confirmed, grav and heavy flamer tactical squads and the deep striking Land Raider, the real apple of GW's Power Armoured eye.
Oh well back to the red haired step child army for 3 bikes for me.

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