Thursday, 28 February 2013

Old Timers

Was planning on getting a couple more of these old timers and making a Deathwing Knight squad. Part of what put me off that was paying for them, they do start to climb in the last few minutes on ebay. So that plan has been knocked on the head, so what I am thinking of doing with these is making the one I've already got painted into the heavy support by modling the 2 las cannons I've got together ...and giving it the missile launcher on the other arm. one of the others I'll throw some knifes onto the fingers and paint it up fopr the 8th Compnay and call it a Furioso dread, might enven see if I can get my hands on a cable drum and a harpoon... Which leaves the 3rd guy, as you can see Terminator arms do fit quite well but I'm not sure if I want to run it as a close combat thing and I'm not sure what company to paint it up for.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Busy busy busy

With being so gosh darn busy with work and stuff i'm finding time to consentrate on the hobby hard, the fact that i'm only just getting round to paint the drop pod I got for christmas should tell you how much I'm over stretched right now. Well that and I didn't really want to start the damn thing and I didn't know how long it would take to paint. First photo shows it with the Aveland sun base coat.
The second photo is how I'm painting this up. The orange spar and the orange and grey doors are the ones that the Ironclad Dreadnought will be coming out off, the orange spar is removable so the dreadnought can get out. The other doors are the opposite colours so I know which one I can take out.

Monday, 18 February 2013

In A White Rabbit Month

This month and next month everyone in the group I'm in at work are using up the holidays we've got left for the year, the new holiday year starts in April for some reason, so i'm really busy at work so haven't had much time to do anything. I always feel like i'm late for something at the moment, so this post is just what I've polished off over the last few free days I've had. This is the old school tech marine again, just showing off the Servo Harness on this guy. I've actually bit the bullet and got some magnets for this as I don't like the idea of transporting in one piece. Still undecided about magnets on my minis to be honest
This photo shows both the Tech Marines I've got, the bottom one is going into the Glorious 1000 as the Forge Father and is armed with a Conversion Beamer. Not sure what the gun was, but I've filed out a place for the arm to go and added a necron gauss array onto the end of it, I've also added a hammer head to his other weapon so I can say it's a Thunder Hammer if I need to.
So here's a night time photo same as above just with the Rifleman Dreadnought added. This guy now has a base from ebay and has taken up it's place with the rest of my dreads.
My dread force, with tech marine support. Front row- tech marine percy, Contemptor Blackadder, bladrick, meltchad and bernard. Back row space crusade dread, metal rifleman, standard box set, aobr dread, aobr dread heavily converted and a venerable dread run out as a furioso dread.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Few More Deathwing

This week i've been mad busy at work looking after my clients and not really attend=ing to my own things as I've been getting home late as havn't really had much time to really do anything this week, so it's just mostly been playing around and touching up these guys. With a tiny bit of playing around with the lead Chuck. this is just the base coat of Dened Stone and the Nuln oil wash added.
Spent a bit longer than normal dry brushing these guys, gave them 2 or 3 coats
This is the assembled squad, the Sgt has the power sword from an old metal Terminator Chaos Lord with a bit of DA bling added to the shoulder pad.
And where they fit into the whole of my Deathwing, and I have 5 more coming this month
And lastly my old school Tech Marine with the Servo Harness off the new tech marine trhis one is painted up for the Lions Blades.