Friday, 30 November 2012

Lions Blades Command Razorback Mk1

So once again I've been ebuying, I was looking for a Rqazorback for my The Glourious 1000 and I saw this one on ebay and thought,"well The Lions Blades are a 2nd Founding Chapter they'd have older stuff," so I put a bid on this puppy and stuck it out till i won it.
Mk 1 Razorback with heavy bolters. The Lions Blades Command Squad Razorback as it came out of the envelope. The broken exhaust stack is my fault...
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Paul Harris I also found a Leman Russ Battle Cannon from the clubs bits box, thinking of knocking a turret up to use as a Vindicator. Tuesday at 18:36 via mobile · Like #
Michael Tebby Pretty nice paint job, tbh. Just add some orange to contrast and it'd look epic :D:D Tuesday at 20:39 · Like #
Paul Harris But not my Chapters colours. Blacked it out already, thursday i'll be adding bleached bone edging and painting the gunner that's sat in the coupla. Tuesday at 21:12 via mobile · Like #
Michael Tebby I would've said you could leave that as the metal colours then but ah well Tuesday at 21:16 · Like
# Paul Harris And that was mostly talcum powder, not weathering. Tuesday at 21:30 via mobile · Like · 1 #
Michael Tebby Well do it again, but this time get some of that spray they use on charcoal to make it stick and use that :D:D
And this time you can see the gunner, thursday the edging will be done. Thinking of doing the hatches in bleached bone and putting the swords on there.
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Michael Tebby Best bone method I find; paint it grey. Let it dry. Paint it bleached bone. let it dry. wash it with sepia. let it dry. add transfers. Tuesday at 21:38 · Edited · Like #
Paul Harris Got karak stone that i'll be using as a base, then dry brushing over that I think. That's been my usual method up now. Tuesday at 21:40 via mobile · Like
Base for the bleached bone Karak Stone, and mech red for the driver.
bleached bone done
detailing done and black touched up. Next up is 3
And what I'm going to use as a a Vindicator, this is just rough at the moment, I also have a set of rocket tubes that I'm thinking of using as a counts as Whirlwind. Keep your eye out for these half asres efforts to come up. My next painting project is going to be 3 squads of Scouts. I'm planning on doing these in 3 squads of 5 with different camo patterns to show the units, I'm also going to leave off any Chapter markings as I'm hoping to get away with using them for both of my armies for now.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


So I won the Stormtalon on ebay, paying about as much as if I'd gone to Wayland Games and bought the thing new from them... speaking of which, got to email my Dad. Christmas presents requsted now back to the blog. Like I said I won this one on Ebay and picked it up from the post office on Tuesday morning, I set to work straight away. The left Las Cannon cowl had broken off in transit so I had to glue that back on first.
I then broke the paint out. I didn't give this one a yellow undercoat as I thought I could get away with using the red as my basecoat. I tried to keep away from the engines and the wing ball joint as whoever had done these first had done a good job, and being lazy I'm not going to do anything I can don't have to. I painted most of the body Blazing Orange, leaving a few areas that I was going to paint with the Karak Stone as I'd run out of Kommando Kharki.
So I let the orange dry and went out and did some shopping in town then came back and cracked open the Karak Stone and tried that out, got to say that it covers better than Kommando Kharki ever did one coat was enough, if I'd been using Kharki it would have to have been 2 coats. Got to say I am liking the new colours that I've used so far from GW
So I went and did something else again while the Stone dried and then gave it a wash with Nuln Oil.
After that had dried I spent a couple of hours dry brushing over orange over the whole orange section to get it back to where it had been before the wash. I also dry brushed the Stone areas as well, and added the Cross Potent to the tail boom on both sides and to a cover hatch on the side behind the cockpit. At the moment this Stormtalon dosen't have a name, with the Glorious 1000 being a new Chapter, 748,M41 26th Founding they are only going to name their vehicals when they have proven themselves in battle. And this one hasn't seen any action yet

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One Finished, One Begins

My Harlequins, one troupe from the Chorus and one troupe of Mimes. Not your normal 'quin colours I know but, bar one that arrived the way it did and I happy with, these I'm very happy with.
And this old fella is a Zoid, The Red Scavenger, that I've just picked up today, still in it's box, I've not opened to see if it's been built yet or it's still on sprus. I need to take a trip to my mums to get the next other bit I need if i'm to do what I'm planning... So a shiny new donkey/ fluffy doll to the first person that works out what it is I'll be (trying to) do ing next year.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Big Job Broke Out

So nearly there with my counts as Bjørn The Fell Handed, just waiting for a couple of things from Ebay to finish it off. Next up is the metal Dreadnought that I'll be making into a Mortis for the 3rd Company. As of now I can use it as a point eating double twin linked Las Cannon. I also picked up 2 Sentinel Auto Cannons and with the 2 I've already got from Froge World could make a crap looking Quad gun out of this lot to go with my resin injection block defensive walls.
Bjørn's Lightning Claw, made from a spare power fist that came with an order of Dreadnought I got off Ebay and a Blood Talon that I dug out of my club bits box on Thursday.
Plastic Blackreach Powerfist arm converted to a weapon mount. Twin linked Lascannon made from 2 Sentinel Lascannons and an Assault Cannon made from a DA Terminator assault cannon. Waiting for a Forge World Plasma Cannon so I've got all the same weapon options from the Space Wolf Codex. Also need some magnets...
Blackreach Dreadnough, with a DA front plate, a chaos bit and a DA icon. The base for my Bjørn The Fell Handed.
All bits, exploded view, of my counts as Bjørn The Fell Handed for my Space Wolf Codex using Dark Angel 5th Company

Come to Daddy

I saw the picture of the new Mourngul from Forge World and I couldn't help feeling that I've seen this thing before, didn't take me long to work it out, it's from the rather warped video for the Aphex Twins "Come To Daddy". Don't believe me, watch the video for yourself, but it should come with an age warning this one.
I've seen horror films that have freaked me out less than this did the first time I saw it.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

'cos Marines don't use camo

Time to show some of the kids how much 40k has changed over the years
'cos Pups think camo is dishonourable
'cos Marines don't use camo
'cos there are no Squats
'cos Guard don't use Land Raiders and Marines don't use camo
'cos Eldar, Guard and Orks don't use Dread and all the Robots are with Horus
Marines don't use camo
Guard only use Chimears and Marines don't use camo

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Old Rumors From Facebook From 2012

This is old news from 2012. Stuff from Facebook not too sure how good this guy is yet, up to this post he'd been telling everyone the DA was December along side The Hobbit
reading through ravenwing book. ravenwing might not get jetbikes because the technology Is still lost but there's a land speeder called dark shrouds, the deathshourd land speeders which use relics from the tower of angels attached to power generators to project a veil of darkness ahead of there squadron to protect there units. dark talons armed hurricane bolters and land speeders with plasma cannons all feature early on also nephilim fighters. The new units in the ravenwing book are black knights they ride bikes and have plasma weapons and power hammers with a ravens beak on the back they are sammeal's elite and are almost ready to join the deathwing also vengance class speeders with plasma cannons. Flyers seem to be dark talons which have hurricane bolters and nephilim fighters. The book is fantastic
new SM flyer (Raven Claw) has massive amounts of fire power, imagine a 40k ersion of the A10 thunderbolt. this thing eats the enemy up. absolutely awesome. im going to be inesting in a few myself
have i got some news for you, gw hq had a small meeting that just happened to take up all of tuesday. well this is what i've got for you. codex release date begining of FEB, ranwing will hae new units, same organisation as normal raenwing units ie bikes speaders etc except for they hae the option of plasma cannons for land speaders and attack bikes. deathwing box set can be made into 3 different troop types, standard termie, honour guard/elite or HQ. heavy flamers as standard tactical troop choice. new attack fighter is deffinatly in the codex
also lots of new eldar units including, new flyer, new tank, webgate fortification, some new weapons for troop choices (cant remember all options)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dread, bloody 8 of 'em

My Dreadnought Force. Back Row- Blackreach Dread, Space Crusade Dreadnought, Standard Dreadnought, Venerable Dreadnought painted as a Librarian Furioso Dreadnought. Front Row- Ironclad for my codex company, a Blackreach Dreadnought that I'm planning on using as a Counts as Bjørn The Fell Handed, an old metal Dreadnought that I'm planning on using as a Mortis Dreadnought and my Contemptor.
I did promise a photo with all my Dreadnoughts in one place, now I thoguht I had something boredering on the overkill area here, but appaerntly I still have some way to go on that front which is kind of a reasuring...
So here is my Ironclad, part of my Codex Allies part way painted.
and this is it finished along side the High Warlock of my Harlequins.
This is a Blackreach Box Dreadnought that I'm converting into my counts as Bjørn The Fell Handed. So far I've added a DA front plate to it and added the Deathwing Icon on top as all Company Masters have been threw the Deathwing. In background terms this guy is the 1st Company Master from when the 5th went Wyld. In game terms I'll be using the rules for Bjørn with this guy including giving it all the weapons options that the Old Wolf can take. I'm doing this by cutting the power fist down and adding, for now an Assault Cannon to it. I'll be ordering the Plasma and Las Cannons from Forge World and magnetising the things so I can swop out the weapons depending on what I'm facing.
My next step is to order some magnets and to green stuff the rough faces so that they are smooth. For now thats all I can do with this one. The other gun is a heavy bolter I'm going to use to convert a Marine into a Devastator and so I can finish off 1000 points for my Codex Allies
This last one, as armless as it looks is going to be a Mortis Dreadnought, I'm planning on getting the Autocannon and Las Cannon arms from Forge World for this guy but that is going to be in the new year, as I have to do some christmas shopping. And save some money for next January when the kids and I go to watch TNA Wrestling in Manchester
And now I have so many more!!!


So I won some of the old school Harlequins off of ebay and have been painting them up slowly 5 as Mimes with a Master Mime, here is the Master Mime, a character that really needed a model I felt
This is the squad as was I've trimed it down to 5 as you can see below, it doesn't show up to well but they have all got a dark mix on at least one part of the mini. My next project is to give the power fist model a Harlequin Kiss, which will be a knife and some green stuff.
This photo is the squad with the High Warlock, who , most likely, will be operationg with them most as the Veil of Tears will help to get them into combat
As you can see the High Warlock has a very different colour scheme to my normal work well I was watching the news in the morning at work when I saw the barcelona fc away kit 2012/13 and thought I'd like to try that.
Partly done.
I'm rather pleased with how this has worked
And here we have something I've had kicking around in my head for a very long time. Years ago, just about the time Hercules, The Legendary Jounrey and Xena Warrior Princess finished the production team made another series called Cloepatra 2525, about some kick ass woman going around a tunnel system beating up the bad guys, now the character here is Creegan one of the regular bad guys in this program, he'd been sold out by the person that ran the team and wanted revenge on who ever it was by turning the girls away from the leader, Voice I think it was called. So for years I've had this guy sat in my head popping up every now and then saying use me for something.
So over the years he's been ignored mostly although he did pop up as a bad guy in a fiction thing I was working years ago and ran out of steam with, he's also part of the foundation for my latest character in the RPG I'm playing in round at my mates house, along with Frank from the Transporter series. He's now also the insperation behind my Troupe leader.
And lastly to this the Barcelona Home shirt, I found this one while I was looking for the spelling of Barcelona and thought I'd add it as well as one of the next Harlequins I use will be painted up in these colours

Weekend Rumors

So over the weekend our Facebook mole put up some more rumors of what he thinks is going on. We don't know how accurate he is as he was offline when Chaos Codex came out
Sanguinius Prime well the normal december mega army bundles are amongst this months releases(so early). supposidly 3 massive releases coming in DEC, WHFB, W40K and for LOTR, DA rumours coming thick and fast now, so im expecting DA as the 40k releases, Hobbit was meant to be Nov but is now expected DEC intime for the film release, not sure about WHFB possibly orks though. i'm expecting to get pics 1 week before WD is released fingers crossed for the DA release Like · · Follow postUnfollow post · 2 November at 17:09
Sanguinius Prime imagine a 5 man termmie squad all covered in DA badging with loads of goochi add ons. well this may well be our new HONOUR GUARD Like · · Unfollow postFollow post · Saturday at 11:07 * * Seen by 50 Daniel Ferry, Austin James and Ryan Jeffares like this. * Josh Sven What's goochi? Saturday at 11:16 via mobile · Like * Ryan Jeffares Does it come with a combination of TH/SS, LC and Storm Bolters? Saturday at 11:25 · Like * Joe March maybe even relic blade stormshield..... Saturday at 11:28 · Like · 1 * Jarrad Quinn At least give em hoods or pretty capes. Lol Saturday at 11:28 via mobile · Like · 1 * Paul Harris Need to keep that emo look! Saturday at 11:33 via mobile · Like · 2 * Ryan Jeffares Just frustrating that I have 20 Termies at the moment, can't really use any more than that without any other support :(:( Saturday at 11:38 · Like
Sanguinius Prime new artwork for DA kicking around. not on show yet though. there's a pic of a techmarine with full servo harness which is supporting somesort of heavy weapon looks like a reaper cannon with ammo feed from thhe back pack. believe this is master of the forge
Sanguinius Prime another pic of a chaplain, not our limited edition release model thogh Like · · Follow postUnfollow post · Saturday at 19:14
Sanguinius Prime in the grim darkness of the not so far future there is Dark Angels. Like · · Follow postUnfollow post · Saturday at 20:07
Sanguinius Prime also a pic of an attck bike with some sort of plasma cannon in front of the passenger seat Like · · Follow postUnfollow post · Saturday at 20:34
Sanguinius Prime also pic of deathwing squad fighting chaos, mixed weapons in squad Like · · Follow postUnfollow post · Saturday at 19:16 * * Seen by 48 Shaun Beauchamp likes this. * Sanguinius Prime one of the termies has a plasma cannon Saturday at 20:34 · Like

Friday, 2 November 2012

More Fracking Dreads

Just picked these 3 up today, I paid £27 for the 3. The Ironclad I'm happy with, the one with 2 powerfists I've already ripped off and the white one is a metal dread, all 3 for £27, i call that a deal. So with these 3 I'm now able to field 8 Dreadnoughts. I quote Bruce Campbell here in justifing this in the Viz Evil Dead video game on the PS2 " that isn't overkill, it's just enough kill." Have to get a photo of these guys and put it up... So to business: Plan A, after a good nights sleep. From left to right- big hand is going to be converted into my counts as Bjørn The Fell Handed for my 5th Company as I'm planning on giving him all the codex options I'm thinking I'll have to get the weapons from Forge Worlds Contemptor range and spend some time working on them to fit them to the power fist hand. The Ironclad is going into my Codex Allies, thats the chain fist it's armed with, The banner will be field party per pale of orange and kharki with a sable Cross Jerusleum. The white guy is getting stripped down, and at the moment my plans are a little nebulos here, I'm thinking of going and getting another Venerable Dreadnought and sharing the weapons between this and that, but that does mean that the colours would have to be the same. I'm also considering making this into a Mortis Dread for the Lions Blades, and just order a load of gun arms off Forge World one in the new year, of course I could use the Veneradle as the Mortis as this as the Venerable... Well I've got a few sleeps at work to think on that one.