Friday, 30 November 2018

Breaking Out The Big Guns

I'd ordered this off ebay last week and picked it up on Saturday but with illness and lack of sleep only felt like mocking it up today.
All I've done is glue a magnet onto the top of the weapon mount. When attached to the out rigger it did drag it down a bit so will look at adding an  A frame rig on both sides with mecharno.
But look progress!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Vigilus Speculative Fiction

What follows is speculation based on watching Chapter Master Valrak and his Primarch obsession in the Vigilus campaign, and me watching a lot of Stan Against Evil recently.

Late stage Vigilus Campaign, the forces of Khorne have descended on the planet driving the Imperial defenders back, things look bleak for the Imperium of Man. Primaris Calgar has requested Roboute assist in the defence as there is talk amongst the front line troops of a huge creature of rage and hatred that none has been able to resist. Word had also been sent to the Grey Knights Chapter, that possibly Angron had returned from the Warp.
Guilliman arrived and organised the resistance against the latest threat to attack the world of Vigilus and the stable gateway to across the Great Rift. The defence was masterful, as always from the Returned Son of The Emperor and soon Angron was exposed, his dæmonic Cohort cut off and stymied by a spearhead from the Grey Knights Chapter and The Sisters of Silence. 
Roboute strode forward to face his 3rd brother to be corrupted by Chaos. Angron towered over his Berzerker followers, seeing Guilliman walking towards him, accompanied by Calgar and his honour Guard, fighting their way towards him, he bellows in rage at the Perfect Son and takes to the air, swooping down on Roboute, scattering Calgar, the Honour Guard and the Berzerkers  they where fighting,  ceramite and adamantium shatter under the cruel hooves of the huge dæmon Primarch as dead bodies are flung aside, brass and red or blue and gold, Angron doesn't care.
"You will die by hand , brother." Angron growls, not a threat, not a boast, just a rage filled, statement of intent. Roboute raises The Emperor’s Sword.
"You are the 3rd of my brothers that I've faced, and the 3rd to make that threat against me, I've defeated Magnus and Mortaion, I will defeat you too." Sword against dæmonic axe and whip, human crafted armour against dæmon fueled rage, even before Angron was raised to the rank of Dæmon Prince this would have been a difficult fight for Roboute, now though it wasn't much of flight. Astartes and Primaris rushed to defend their Primarch and and are struck down with barley a thought by the Dæmon.
" Once again , high rider, I've beaten you." Angron gloats, his cloven hoofed foot, crushing Guilliman into the blood soaked mud of Vigilus." I'll take your skull and add it to my skull Throne." Angron raises his axe to deliver the coup de grace against his brother.
When a sound is heard that was last hears on the home world of The Thousand Sons, it sounds like an ear splitting whistle and everything dæmonic is frozen for a brief second. In that time a freezing cold wind blows from the north and the howl of Wolves is heard on the wind. A giant of a man in storm grey armour , hair that was once a vibrant red, now grey, strides out of the wind, followed by a host of warriors in the same grey armour, disciplined bolter fire driving the warriors in red back, before they stow their bolters and draw their chainsword and charge into the mass of Berzerkers. The giant looks at his brothers and whistles again, Angron and Roboute both look at the returned Leman Russ, as he stands nonchalantly standing there, his spear across his shoulders , arms over the top of it
"Angron, we've been here. Roboute do you require some assistance? " before either being can answer the spare is in his hands, Angron is driven back by the onslaught of blows and Calgar and the surviving Honour Guard form a defensive wall of shields around their Primarch as the apothecaries rush forward to offer their services.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


I'm ill so taking a week or so off painting .
I hate being ill.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

For The Laugh

Troll o lol

Hur, Upgrades.

So it's Calgar but not as you know him Jim

I'd have preferred him to have become a dreadnought myself.

This begs the question ; will other named characters get the upgrade?

Other pics from Valrak's Facebook page

Easy Build Flame Storm Aggressors And Foul Blight Spawn

I started these yesterday with assembly and base coating, the easy build Flame storm Aggressors are really nice and easy to put together, about the only issue with them is the arm lugs, which I'm going to cut off and just glue the arms on to the body.
The Foul Blight spawn mini is a full sprue and it's fairly straight forward to build, bar the pump handle. I'm thinking of going with an old school Death Guard colour scheme and this was a test bed for those colours, I'll do the second one in the black and green colours featured in the Conquest magazine and put it up for a vote.

Friday, 23 November 2018


The Cotterell Class Scout Titan has been sat on top of the fridge for over a year while I decided on how to arm it, as I was unable to find anything  close size wise in the discount and charity shops in town.
Last week I bought a not a dremmel and  today trimmed some of the length from the Rhino body at long last. There's a Warhound Vulkan mega bolter on its way from Troll Trader and saving for a second weapon in the new year.
So should have some more progress on this soon, might even start painting it next year.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

And Now I'm Done

I present Jake Cabe, Baron of the Lancastrian city of Cottonopolise, and one of the first to declare loyalty to the High Lord of Lancaster Henry the VI and The Imperium of Man over the vile Yorkist Independents!
Cabe attacked the Yorkist strong hold of Londinium, in an attempt to free the imprisoned Henry, along with a handful of Knights and several thousand foot soldiers they breached the city and held several key cross roads but where unable to reach and free Henry from the clutches of the Yorkist Independents! Cabe was soon approached by several Earls with promises of rewards if he would bring his follows to fight for their banner , but being from a minor noble family his ambition was to become one of the biggest families on Lancastria.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

I Was Close. So Close

So while I was doing this I tried fitting the beetle carapace on the old chap, I was right about it getting making the old guy to nearly the same height as the new version. Which lead me to thinking about redoing the shoulders with the plates off the new version after I was so close to finishing this one.
So which one; Tartarus Terminator plate or new knight shoulder plates?

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Chop Shop Lives Up To It's Name.

Chopped the chain sword and the cannon off, swopped the weapons around and updated them, the cannons are magnetised so can be swopped.
I added the plastic feet to give it a bit more height and hacked up a pair of the side plates to get the exhaust stacks and green stuffed them to the back.
Sat waiting for the green stuff to cure before I can pack it up. Will look to get it painted at work tonight, if I can get some sleep today.