Saturday, 7 March 2015

Thunder, Ancient Of The First Company And Others.

This week has been slow, I've got stuff done at home, bashed The Last Of Us, read some of Vengeful Spirit, cooked for birthday and got the Dreadnought done alongside the 2 Jet Bikes for the Malal Dæmons.

It was orginally orange and kharki, I went over the orange with Ushabati Bone and then used up the last of my Nuln Oil on it.

I gave it a first coat of dry brushed Screamibg Skull.

At the same time I did the Jet Bikes the same.

As I gave the Dreadnought a second coat, I dry brushed white on the half of the Jet Bikes and then painted the other half black.

I gave the Dreadnought a second dry brush and also went over the aqulia with Evil Sunz Scarlet, along with the swords and the ropes.

I also added some red to the I on the fist guard.

And did a small chapter badge as well. My one issue with this Dreadnought is there is very little flat surface for painting badges on, but apart from that I do love this big lump of lead.

Finished Dread, Thunderchild of Sah'Hal.

Next up the 4 jet bikes, not sure if I should leave them for the Exodite project or go and get a box of Harlies and some magnets and add them to my Masque as 2 squads of 2, meaning I can actually field them as a leagle Battle Forged army, cheaper than buying 2 boxes of Skyweavers, and I can use the 2 spares in my current WIP Troupe.

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