Sunday 16 June 2024

Monthly Vow 12th Of June To The 12th Of July

 I know I've missed my targets this month and I'm overdue with this post as it is. My cat had to be put to sleep and he hadn't been well for a while which took a lot of my time and then it was new season of Destiny 2 and work.

Targets for the coming month. 

The 30k Dark Angel specific Terminators and Corswain arrived

I got the 2 Cataphracttii and Corswain built and the squad of Cenobites cleaned up, I just need to buy some primer to get started, but again with the cost of the cats treatment I was being frugal and after payday and the operation I didn't want to be spraying paint with an open wound, so plan A is to get off the bus a few stops early on Tuesday and drop into Halford for some plastic primer, get out in the shed and get these primed. 

There's also the second box of Inner Circle Companions that I've not touched yet, as well at least one of the Blood Angels Contemptor dreads as the contest this month is something red.

Review Time. 

I think this is 2 months really but I didn't go in to detail last time. 

I had to dig out an old Cypher mini that was just gathering dust, took the power pack off it, the shoulder pad and cut the plasma pistol off and the bottom of the scabbard. 

I cut the bolt pistol off the arm that goes on the standard barber and replaced that with the plasma pistol, filed the scabbard down but could probably have done a bit more than I did. I also used one of the rounded profile files on the left  shoulder pad so that would sit better. I spent some time going through bits looking for a left handed primaris sized bolt pistol. Eventually finding one on the assault intercessor sprue that had come with the last Hattchet collection. I cut the magazine off worked that area with a file to give a recess, ordered the flexi bullet belts from Zinge Industries and cut a small selection of bullets off and glued them in place. I'm thinking of doing this when I get around to the assault Marines with jump packs.

 I finished it off by picking out the angel on the scabbard's robe and wings and giving the armour the green highlights.

I defeated The Witness in the Final Shape, said goodbye to Cayde 6 again and got 5 minutes on the Hull of the Helm. I did it with all 3 characters but my Hunter was first as that's my main character. 

As well as a bit more baking. 

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