Saturday, 15 August 2020

Chaplain Barten Wells And More

Keeping the theme we have Chaplain Barten Wells, again I tried the amber look on his Croiser and icons, I went with a screaming skull aquila rather than brass as I thought that it would look better, especially with the ribs on the armour. 

I also got the 1st squad of Eradicators finished today after starting both lots last night. 

Tonight I started with the Ancient, both versions, Bob and Kate.

Trying the amber again, the Bob has had a couple of bits painted orange and yellow before I started the wash process, still got 1 more coat to go yet, but I'm have my lunch break and posting this, also giving both of them a leather robe, as I like how they look. 

Just need to get a coat of agrax on the bones of Kates banner. 

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