Saturday, 8 August 2020

Monthly Vow 12th Of August To The 14th Of September.

 After going over my last Monthly Vow post I look like I hit my target, of course I didn't really set a target, but let's not get into symantics when I've done what I've said I'm going to do.

What am I aiming to do for next month? Pretty much the same as everyone I think, get some Indomitus done, I have 3 more bikes to pick up, to complete the 2 box sets of Astartes that I was after, which kind of leaves me short of where I wanted to be bike wise still, so checked the bank and I'm ordering the Elite starter set, mostly for the bikes, which will give me 1 full squadron even if 3 of them are numbered 8 and six of them are numbered 7, depending on cash levels, as I'm watching something for next years Armies On Parade board on ebay, but that is looking like its going out of the willing to pay window as its £36 already, I can afford the recruit box as well, which gives me another 10 assault Intercessors total. The captain and Lieutenant have been promised to my old Japanese contact as well as the basic rules, the Necrons will go in the growing box of Necrons for next year's vow. The plan is to finish one half of the box, 10 assault Intercessors, meltas guys, blade guard, bikes and officers, all for the Lion's Blades.

Review Time. 


First thing I did last month was the Lion's Blades First Company re work, as I liked the look of the Heresy era Deathwing Companions, I just needed to work a reason the Deathwing to add more bone to the armour as they progress through the company Circles.

There is also a tiny joke about using the original squad of metal Terminators as the newest squad in the 1st Company. 

The Land Speeders had a touch up and moved box, filling up the First Born Raven wing box. 

The last of the 10th Company was bought and painted, first night everything got assembled, and I concentrated on the first 5, the second night I got the second 5 done, which finished off my 10th Company. 

Next up was the Night Haunt characters for the coworker, I did the metal with a gold dry brush, then gave it a Stormhost Silver highlight which really brought out the colour. 

The Death Knight was a couple of nights work, wish I'd stuck with the sword rather than trying to get the scythe arm.

The Knight Mage got the standard paint job for the Stormcast Eternals, with a the sun rise effect on the robe. I then started on the mounted version.

The Demigryph was a lot of fun to work on, the colours and combination look great together, although I'm going to aim for a bit more flash git yellow on the one for me.

My time off was spent playing around with the Flashiest of Gitz and The Plauge Doctor from Black Scorpion miniatures, I even ended up giving him the second squig.

I needed to get this bit painted before I let myself start the the Ork.

I even put some led's in this as its a display piece rather than a game set. 

The coworker really likes what I've done for her with this. Not knowing how she wants to display it, I've left the wiring for her to hide when it's in situ.

The first thing with the Flashiest of Gitz was to get a scabbard made for his bbig choppa. 

I dug out the Gorkamorka Uvverbook for the glyphs. 

When it came to painting I got the coat and the plague doctor done on the same night, with a few coats of agrax earthshade and some light dry brushing with steel Legion drab

Borrowed one of the Harry Potter minis bases. I then made a start on the yellow.

And I finished Imperiork Phisk, Flashiest of Gitz, with his boss pole, big choppa and Kustom shoota. 

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