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Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 8

Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 8.
Saturday morning dawned, Kat made herself breakfast in bed, and got a pot of coffee on, she enjoyed a leasurely brunch, even if it was 8am. Getting a coffee inside her she went into the garden and went through the transformation into her new outfit, for a suit made of a gold alloy, it was remarkable light weight, she stretched, then went on the same run that had been ambushed on last weekend, leaving her phone on a timer in the garden. Once back on the decking she noted the time as 19 minutes, and was okay with the that. Kat set a count down timer and started to meditate on her new weapons, she relaxed and focused in, hoping to get an understanding of what she could do with it, she tried to tap into the memories of the last user, trying to tease out the trigger words for the powered attacks, getting the phrasing Amethyst Deceiver, and a few others, then the buzzer went off , Kat had a drink of water and went on to practice some ti chi moves with the hammer, sweeping the hammer around her in a circle, she moves it above her head and says " Amethyst Deceiver", a cloud of purple dust spirals out from the hammer, and 4 figures dressed the same as Kat run out of it, each standing 10 feet away, she brings the hammer across her body, the 4 doppelgangers mirror the movement, she does several swift strikes and they are copied again, the doppelgangers last for 10 minutes before they fade, Kat tries the gauntlet mounted spearhead beam, all 4 of the copies fire a beam at the same target, which is when they start to fade, she guesses there's a limit to the engery each of the copies can use, or possibly start with.
Kat practiced for an hour trying to remember or maybe unlock the attack names, when her phone pinged with a message from Claire.
"Angel picking you up in 30 minutes, going to Kats."
"yes seriously."
"Information. Just back from ultra max prison, lots of info."
"why not group chat?"
"because I need a drink, so will you, get your shoes on. Be there in half an hour."feeding cats first."
    Kat assumed there must be some deeper meaning to the get your shoes on that she was unaware of and decided to bring it up when they arrived.
Half an hour later Claire's car pulled up and both Angel and Claire got out and walked round the back of the house, and into the garden. 
"Good afternoon, fix me a drink, please, I've been watered and fed by the DoJ most of the week I want something decent, Kat went in and poured 3 glasses of white wine, put the remaining wine in a cooler and brought out a second bottle as well, she handed the drinks out, Claire took a big slug of hers, Angel sipped and Kat watched. 
"Get your shoes on?" Kat asked, Angel looked confused for a second then realised what Kat was asking, 
"It was from our college days, Claire was ignoring my calls, pages and texts, in the end I stomped into her dorm room and told her to get her shoes on, regardless of what she was wearing we needed to get going to get home on time, luckily she has on a pair of shorts and a t shirt as well or we may have been in trouble. So Ultra Max prison what happened? " She asked Claire
" Okay, so I got the reply to my email on Wednesday telling me I had a slot Friday morning, my flight left the local Air field late Wednesday night, getting in Thursday morning, shitty hotel Thursday night, screened through to see Eldar Seth Friday morning. They wheeled him out in a body frame and muzzle " 
"Really?" Kat asked
"No not really, he was already handcuffed to the table in an orange jump suit, I wasnt allowed to take anything in they gave me a note pad and pencil to take notes, he still does the hypnotic thing with his voice so any request he has have to be relayed through 3 people or written down, so if I kill you both, just know it was him, not me, okay? " Claire asked, smiling and taking a drink." He seemed diminished and a bit deflated, still the same small, Turkish looking man he'd always been, in fact he'd hardly aged in twenty years, when I walked in but recognised me right away, and his mood changed;
'Diamond Rainbow what a surprise, I take it you're here about what happened last week? What was that charming turn of phrase you and your friends had?' 
'Did everything just taste purple' I told him, 
'ah yes, I never did understand that one, in fact I don't remember hearing it before, could you explain it to me?' he asked. 
'No', I told, 
'if you share with me I'll be more willing to share with you.' I frowned at him and jotted down dick on my note pad. 
'Eldar Seth as you are aware your cult was disbanded and declared a world wide terrorist organisation on December 21st,1999 after several connected incidents that resulted in the deaths of thousands people, and an event that resulted in the disappearance of one of my closest friends, I will not be sharing anything with you.' I told him
'In that case the door is behind you, I'll just call the guards and go back to my cell.' he said sitting back, a smile on his face. Shit I thought, I need to save this. 
'alright Eldar, the purple thing was to note something was wrong between us in high school without looking out of place.' 
'there, that wasn't so hard was it?' he said smugly, 'so you're here because of everything,' he paused, a strange look on his face, 'tasting purple last week?' 
'I am, yes' 
'and my educated guess is you are here, ' he waved his hands in a small circle to indicate the room we were in, 'to see if any of the people I haven't seen in 20 years, who are all, I'm reliable informed by the guards here, still on the interpol red list have anything to do with it?' he asked, listening to him saying that it did seem a bit far fetched, but I felt there was something he was hiding, I jotted a note to myself to have a look in his cell before I left. 
'My dear Diamond, how would I know? My guess is your cardboard recycling bin goes out more than I do.' he smiled that knowing smile again and for the first time I noticed his eyes, one was green and one was brown, it was very disconcerting to note and once I'd seen it, I couldn't unsee it. The way he said that though was like he knew for a fact my cardboard bin rarely goes out, I wrote a note about it, when I get back to the office on Monday I'm going to run a background check on my neighbours, see if there is any connection to The Church of Joseph. 
'It sounds like you have the recycling schedule for Pamona memorised, I guess that information is readily available from the library here?' 
'Yes it is, were you worried I had someone living near by, spying on you?' 
'Hardly, as you said the known associates of your Cult are either arrested or on a Red List, anyone else either left in disgust at what Cult was really up to or joined one of the other churches that accepted new members with open arms, a close watch is now taken on all relevant groups.
So when this happened last time, it was your people trying to open portals into the Umbral Realm for your own purposes, could something from the other side be trying to do that this time?' he looked at me and frowned, 
' Diamond, how would I know? I'm in a cell most of the day, I'm only allowed out to shower once a day, eat breakfast and exercise, all in the company of the guards, I'm less likely to know that than know the location of my old colleagues.' 
'Maybe not currently, but an educated opinion based on past experience would be?' I asked him 
'Based on my past experiences, possibly, the things living on the other side range from simple beasts to incomprehensible to the human mind, could they do it? Yes. Would they try? Yes. But I think you're looking in the wrong direction on this, I suggest looking further afield,' he looked towards one of the high, slitted windows and then up to roof, I noted this down. I get the feeling he likes to remind people that he is cleverer than them, so I left that one hanging and thought it best to pick your brains on this, personally 

I think it's something to do with planetary conjuctions" Claire looked at Kat
"I can get a Web page up and see what was where last week, screen shot the page and we can show it to the Boomer, see if they know what it means?" Kat answered pulling the laptop to her and booting it up.
"okay, where was I? Oh yes," Claire got back into her story. "'there is more I know about the other side, the hierarchy, the pantheon of the powers' Seth said 'it might come in, I think, useful to you and your friends, and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the news again,' that one stopped me, the thought of cameras and phones out there now, pretty much everything we do is going to be on camera and on the Internet later that day, so brace yourselves and your kids, " Claire looked at both Angel and Kat." So yes back to the tale, ' how do you know this information? ' I asked him
'I wasn't always like this, I've been so much more, even talked with a couple of Precursors myself, what's left of them don't seem to agree much on a course of action, for instance your Warden wants to stop the events, the Lady wants to bring it about, it seems the Precursors ran up some serious debts, and for want of a better term, that bill has come due, and we, unprepared and ill-equipped are the ones that have to deal with it, one way or the other. ' I must have shown some confusion,' my dear Diamond have you not worked it out, I share the same dna marker as you do, I believe I'm sample 14 on the Web site.'
'So one of your Ancestors was a defender of humanity?' I asked him, not believing what I'd heard.
'Yes there are a few more of us than you know, 2 groups are running around the world fighting a war in the shadows for control, every now and then they give birth to someone that can use the few devices they each have in their possession, but all they are really doing is weakening our defence against the coming onslaught by adding chlorine to the gene pool' he laughed at his own joke, he even had to wipe away a tear, 'I so rarely get to make jokes, please forgive me, where was I, oh yes, The Lady had been in my dreams for years, I thought I was going mad, and then I found a way to talk to her, and she asked me to help pay the debt, all I had to do was channel the souls of the sleeping Nephilim into the rift, they wouldn't know, humanity would be saved and the Precursors would be shut of their greatest mistake in a happy win win. The Warden kind of... fucked it up by getting you involved, after I'd gone to her and asked her to do it, it appears she's grown attached to her Colonies of sleepers. So I tried the hard way and lost and that's my story, or some of it, anyway.' he looked at me with those mismatched eyes and I had to repress a shudder, I scribbled down quickly what he'd said, not looking at him and thinking of what to say next, as well as surprised by what he'd said. 
' so you were trying to save humanity? ' I asked looking at him and leaning back, trying to look like I was calm while my brain raced with the information he'd divulged. 
' that was my plan, yes.' 
'Next point, where did you speak to the other Precursor?' 
'A place in the mountains somewhere near Lake Huron, after trying one in the Caribbean, but that was ruined. There are hints that there could be another in Egypt and maybe Rome, that you could try to find' he finished looking at me and smiling. 
'let's not get ahead of ourselves here' I reminded him, 'you have just implecated yourself in a plot to murder an unknown number of people.'
'to save humanity' 
'so you say, I will be asking the Warden about this when I get back.' 
'If we get into it are they even human?' 
'from what I know the Nephilim were a stable hybrid of human and precursor that was able to breed, so half human at some level, and sentient,' I held up a finger to stop him as he seemed about to interrupt me, 'if bent on killing off the early humans that were around 13000 years ago. I believe the statute of limitations would be in effect, even if we could find the ones responsible for planning the atrocity and we could understand what they say, I doubt a universal translator would have been high on there list of useful tools, not that any language more recent than pre dynastic Egyptian would be in the database. ' At that point a guard came in
' 2 minutes more, ma'am' before closing the door behind him. 
'Oh, doesn't time fly when not confined to a cell?' Seth said, 'I do hope we can meet again, I rarely get to see someone from before. There is 1 more thing, I have a daughter from... before, after the divorce she changed her name to her mother's Maiden name, I doubt she'd want anything to do with me, but she has the gene and could help you, 4 against the 7 Armies of Hell sounds like better odds than 3. If you choose to look for her name is Jasmine, Jasmine Bonnie, I can't give you more. '
The guards came back in and looked at me, pointedly, so I got up and went outside, I asked the guard if I could inspect his cell. My request must have been expected as I was escorted straight there, with a terse explanation of the convict was being given an extra library session today. The cell itself was pretty fucking grim, a couple of hand drawn pictures and a battered copy of the Book of Joesph, I asked to be given a moment alone in the cell and closed my eyes and listened, and it was there, very faintly, coming from the book was something, I picked it up and leafed through the pages, finding a small, red gold sliver being used as a book mark, I took a photo of the pages, just incase there was something in them, I've not had time to read them yet. " Angel yawned 
" blue tooth them to me, I'll take a look, I scoured that book a few times looking for a reason to why they did what they did, but never found any answer. " she said, switching on her phones blue tooth," I take it your Agent Claire, FBI? " 
"Yes, okay, synced and sent. How's the simulation running?" Claire asked. Kat pulled the lap top back over to her and looked at the screen. 
" the only thing close to where it was 20 years ago is Mercury, the next time anything gets close to that position is... " Kat ran forward the time line,"... Oooh, kay, will be in the 31 millennium and that's only going out to Saturn." 
"So not related in that regard, probably." Claire mused, finishing her first glass and waving it forward for a refill, Angel finished hers and did the same, Kat topped them both up and filled her own glass with the dregs, Kat carried on " this is also not taking into account stella motion and Galatic rotation. So unlikely to be stella related now."
"Which means?" Claire asked
"I'm assuming that that is a rhetorical question, because how the hell would we know." Angel replied looking over the top of her phone, "these pages are mostly nothing, just a couple a couple of verse that might be applicable, and this is a stretch, 'The Prophet walked alone, many doors he tried were locked, only one door let him enter' and 'the people within were greatful for the message the Prophet had brought and opened many doors for him'. It's like reading Nostromdarmus prophecies, it's a bit clearer with hind sight and belief. Next thing, are we going to talk to The Warden? Do we believe Seth enough to take what he said to them?" she asked. 
" Well it is the most information we've had, if we do go we can maybe use the map to find the one on the boarder," Kat suggested" and we could get some training in with the new suits? You have a time you need to be back home?" Kat asked Angel. 
" Not officially but before midnight would be best. " Angel replied. 
" Drink up then, we need to go. " the 3 friends downed their wines, Kat put the unopened bottle back in the fridge, rinsed the glasses and locked the house up before joining Angel and Claire in the garden, each woman took out their communicater and and pushed the button to transition to the Tomb.

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