Monday, 14 September 2015

Expanded Mortis Contemptor

Sunday was, I thought, a family day, it seemed that both girls had different ideas, youngest went out around lunch time, oldest went to Newcastle with her boyfriend after lunch, leaving me twiddling my thumbs. I went and moved some bits around, I pulled all the dreads out of the big box and condensed them down into one box.

I also got these out and I'm mulling over wither to use the Sigmarine or the old scratch build as my Beliel. I put the Deathwing Knights in as I haven't had them out in ages.

RT era Las Cannons, need to add some Servoskulls on each arm to cover the twin linked with one gun.

Auto cannons

Heavy Bolters

And both of mine together. I plan to get the Dark Angel one when it comes out, get another axe, and swop the hands around, repaint the Deathwing Chuck for the 8th Company, and paint the DA Legion one as the new Blackadder.