Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Monthly Vow, 12th Of November To The 12th Of December

The plan for this month is to focus on the Chamber of Secrets box, Tom Riddell, Colin Creeve, Moaning Mertel, Basalisk as well as Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, Ainsley Shacklebolt and Hagrid and Harry on bike and side car with Hedwig. Beyond that there's the Grateful Dread bits of the singer and keyboard player, as well as re arming the Blood Angel dread, there will also be some of the Conquest stuff done as well as looking at getting the next version of Björn The Fell Handed done when the Cataphractii Armour captain lands later this month.
Review Time
First up was the Mortis Redemptor Honour Guard, it had been planned as a Marnius Calgar Redemptor but that just didn't work so I changed it, in game terms it can be fielded as a Casterferrum Mortis Dreadnought with twin assault cannons.
The Alpha Legion dread was painted with Contrast paints, which was a first for me. As I'm only planning on painting one more Alpha Legion mini I'm not going to be a decent person to judge how well contrast is to use, but it's not for me.
I painted the las cannons with missile launchers and mounted them on the only dreadnought that I could which was the Blackreach dread. Not sure why I got the siege dread pictured. And the Mortis Casterferrum section.
There was also a couple of Björns done this month, I converted a metal venerable dreadnought with the Björn bits, I just used the Murder Fang claw as I was unable to get the correct claws for it.
Got to say I really do like what I did here with the Björn Contemptor.
The sonic blast master dread was painted in a mish mash of colours, and it started the plan for a second armies on parade board.
While I was getting the Primaris Astartes company out of its box I found one of my boltstorm aggressors had lost a magnet which needed refitting.
I got the Dark Vengeance Librarian painted on the same night as I put the Incursors together.
This is a very nice kit to build.
I painted half the box one night
And the other half the next night, meaning I got my yearly challenge done by the end of October. While doing the photo I found I'd miscounted the Reivers so had to put the one I'd painted for The Star Leopards back into The Lion's Blades.
The Sorting Hat was an interesting challenge to paint, it ended up bring 3 washes of Agrax earthshade, and Fawkes was if anything an even bigger challenge with the request that it be painted in Slytherin colours.
Just looking at the parts of Aragog, I had trouble seeing how it went together, I had to have a look at the box art to see how it was assembled. I went with a more colourful palette as most of the stuff is grey or brown in this game. And I've added the base as I think I did a good job on the log.
Sirius Black was again a pleasure to paint and put together in both of his forms.
The 2 large Acumantulas that if you buy the Chamber of Secrets box will be the bosses on the chase mission, again I went colourful with both of these. The 2 of them have required the most clean up work I've had to put in on a Knight Models mini so far but I'd say that those legs must have berm a bit of a nightmare to cast.
And lastly was the under boss Acumantula base and the swarm bases which I finished last night.

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