Sunday, 3 November 2019

Fawkes And The Sorting Hat

Broke the Chamber of Secrets box open today and gave everything a wash and was relieved to find I'd stashed the Order of The Phoenix blister pack in the box,there's a lot of spiders in there. The first things I put together are Fawkes and Sirius in dog mode. When it came to painting my oldest had requested the green and silver Slytherin colours. Started with a base of ushabati bone then straight to Storm Host silver, I gave the whole thing a wash of thin downed warpstone glow, when that was dry I gave it a light dry brush with warpstone glow, then edges with Moot Green, it get a tidy up with Storm host silver.
The Judgemental head wear got the ushabati bone base coat, then it had 3 coats of Agrax earthshade to hopefully get the distressed and aged leather look.

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