Thursday, 28 November 2019

And Back To 40K

With the Basilisk finished on Tuesday and the long awaited issue 65 of Conquest magazine finally in my hands I was able to make a start on these 2.
Nit sure I can fit much more from the Gregor Fell Hand sprue on there, going to have to get some tooth picks and try sculpting some of the details on the leg armour. I have found that if I plan to do a Tartarus plate version I am going to need some Tartarus Terminators to do that with as I used my one spare in the next project.
The one I've been waiting for since February so I can finish the Relic squad, in the background for this squad, these are the company veterans of the 1st Company of The Lion's Blades, the last requirement to get into this squad is to have defeated a Space Wolf in the Honour Dual at some point in their time in the Chapter, the next step up the chain of the Chapter is the Deathwing Knights squad. This has been a basic hand swop, with the gun hand cut off at the elbow and replaced with a lightening claw hand , and a replacement of the chain fist arm with the other claw. Once finished it'll be joining the rest of the squad.

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