Monday, 14 October 2019

Monthly Vow, 14th of October To The 14th of November

It's that time of the month, the chance to take stock of how well I've done on the vow and what do I plan for the next month. The plan for the tail end of October is the Calgar Honour Guard Redemptor, the contrast for the Alpha Legion dread has been ordered and should get to me Tuesday / Wednesday, there's both of the Björns I've got planned, the Contemptor and the Metal venerable dreadnought, the sonic dreadnought and potential I'll be getting the Kharn Contemptor done in an ideal world. At long last the Infiltrators box is o the horizon, I am planning on getting that but not sure if it'll get done before the 31st but I think it should be, after that I'm looking at starting the Chamber of Secrets box and the Order of The Phoenix blister pack.
Review Time
My plan was started with the squad of Terminators from the Dark Vengeance box.
The metal Terminator Librarian gained the casting hand from the Typhus sprue and I added magnets to the staff arm.
I was able to sort the feet out on the Deredo, but wasn't able to swop the shins round. I really enjoyed painting this model and I would like to do more of them at some time.
The Typhus Contemptor was a lot of fun to convert. I do wish now I'd bought a new on sprue Contemptor to cut up for this. This one also gave me the idea for a project for next year.
I've been waiting for this since the Heresy began, this is a simple joy to put together and paint, the only issue is that the scabbard looks like a tie and most that I've seen have used the angel.
The World Eaters dread got a bath ready for it's Kharn upgrade.
I spent a couple of nights getting the Calgar Redemptor started, I changed my mind while doing this and went with it being an Honour Guard after Calgar got his heart handed to him by Abaddon , planning on doing at least one more Honour Guard Redemptor done next year this one a close combat version.
The first thing painted for Dread Tober was the Forge World mk4 mortis dread.
Next was the Word Bearers, sorry Imperial Heralds dread, another Forge World dread this time with added scroll work, mostly proclaiming "bend the knee"
The White Scar dread was made with the Björn kit, I added a Kroot skull for an eagle head. If anybody says anything those are horse skulls.
I was surprised by how much I liked painting the Night Lords dread, I'm actually thinking of going back and redoing this one as a Mortis Casterferrum with twin assault cannons as befits the Legion that was well known for terror.
The Raven Guard Casterferrum dread had my first crack at free hand with glasses on.
At long last the tracked Dread got painted.
The Salamanders dread came out okay I think.
The Alpha Legion dread has been my first major fail in a long time, its had a second bath and it's now had a lead bleacher base coat just waiting for the order to arrive.
And the last 2 dreads of this month the Fisto Ultramarinesdread and the hybrid Emperor’s Children dread.

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