Friday, 4 October 2019

Imperial Heralds Dreadnought

Another one of those lucky finds on ebay, a mk4 Word Barers dreadnought, post heresy, there was a tiny bit of green stuff work to cover up an 8 pointed star but beyond that it's just Eshin Grey, with dawnstone highlights and lead bleacher trim. The Kanji reads bend the knee in 2 different ways, I was watching the end of Game of Thrones when I was planning this one, and it seems apt thing for the Heralds to say, everything else was an attempt to write some 90's indie rock lyrics on the scroll work, even with the glasses that didn't work so well so it's mostly just squiggles. As this came with the sonic weapon I've pulled out a plasma cannon for it, there's plenty of assault cannon arms knocking around, which isn't wysiwyg as assault cannons are only on Contemptor dreads in 30k but I tended to run them as twin linked autocannons when I got them on the table last time. Currently on the table is the Björn White Scar dread.

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Siph_Horridus said...

Cool looking Dread, love the head and the FW skull Dread Base, I have that one for my Relictors Chaplain Dread. It comes with the feet attached with the three toes forward.