Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Blue And Yellow

2nd use of the contrast paints on the Alpha Legion officer for Armies on Parade board and did the 3 bases for the Mortal Realms Stormcast Eternals.
I rewatched the how to paint Alpha Legion video yesterday to remind me about the what to use, and then the Thousand Sons video as well. The trim of retributor gold with the reikland flesh on the Thousand Sons Legionnaire gave me an idea to use that on my stormcast, and did the bases to. I'm still planning on painting the other 2 with the scouts tomorrow.
I'm not planning on painting this til next week when I pick up the Blood Angel red contrast, and should have the mk4 thousand sons Dreadnought to paint at the same time.
I was undecided on what to do this as and chose to go with the Alpha Legion, as its a very blue mini I went with yellow for the plasma, and did a spot of on source lighting on the armour.

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