Monday, 24 February 2020

The Off Weekend

Had the weekend off work, focused mainly on finishing one of the books I got for Christmas which I did, now it's onto The Lost And The Damned, hobby wise I finished the engine off with a nuln oil wash, a wazzdakka red highlight and an evil sun scarlet edge highlight. The Librarian in terminator armour had lost an arm so I had a rummage in the relevant bits box and found a replacement, found the Tartarus heavy flamer as well which will come in handy next month.
Also found a cheap Voldermort on ebay which I snapped up, I then gave my oldest a couple of options on how she wanted Nagini painting and she went for the ginger over black. So as a test piece I'll put one of the lizard men I have spare together and try what I'm planning which is the usual base of ushabati bone with a nuln oil wash, then a tau ocher dry drush followed by wild rider red and then an orange. I'll try that this week before it arrives.

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