Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Most Demanding Dæmon Roles & A Storm Talon

The job has got mad again, daft hours left right and centre. The Incubi are the major Dæmons of Slannesh, these 2 of 3 are based on the Clown that Kingpin and the New York underworld hire to kill Hawkeye. I've also today won a Venom that will be the Solitaire/Succubus's ride, I also won a Raider for the Goon Troupe. The last is the Storm Talon I'm painting up for the Knights Of Blood, with this being Codex Marine choice I'm going to try my hand at some free hand painting with some Tribal designs to show the Carchardons side of this army. The position of the missile pods was not my idea, I bought this one of a mate and he won it on ebay.

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