Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Next Harlequin Troupe

A day off! And I took it very easy today, just painted the bases of the Harlequins that had been missed before and also pulled out the last Troupe of Harlequins I have at home. These are being painted in the style of Harley Quinn goons, just need a Raider and a Raveger ( thinking of the hammer truck she has in Lego Batman)  to round out this section of The Carnival. This leaves Posion Ivy's and The Joker's Troupes that need buying, might just wait for the rumored plastics coming to fill these 2 squads, with Raiders and a Tantalous for the Carnival. This leaves Team Deathstrikes to fill out, Jetbikes, Razorwing and a Void Raven and the former Team Freeze drivers and gunners to re-paint in Team Deathstrikes black and orange.

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