Thursday, 22 January 2015

Monthly Target, Missed It By Month

Right as I'm going to fail my challenge for this month as I've bought other stuff, here's a vauge list of what I'm aiming at finishing by the end of Febuary, in no real order.
Murderfang - painted up for the Knights Of Blood/Carchadons.
Bjørn The Fell Handed x2- one metal, 1 new plastic, one for my Deathwing Ven Dread, the not so good looking one paint it as Blood Ravens for a laugh.
Contemptor- painted for Malal, this gets the axe from the Bjørn kit and a whip.
Venom- my Solitaires ride, dark blue with a trail at free hand by doing a blood red moon on it.
Raider- black, red & white.
6 Space Marine bikes- 3 Ravenwing, 3 for Malal.
1 Storm Talon- Knights Of Blood colours with some tribal designs
5 or 6 Jet Bikes- I can't remember how many I have, 2 for Malal the rest black and orange.
On the look out for 2 more old school raiders to finish my Raiders for the Chorus and one new Raider for the Star Players.
So hoping the Harlequin rumors are true, will be getting that next payday alongside the Bjørn kit, and if the Harlequin rumors are true March and April will be 2 Troupes of new Harlequins alongside some Knights Of Blood

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