Monday, 13 May 2019

Monthly Vow, 13th Of May To The 12th Of June

Hit a major snag this month with being on shifts at the hospital for 3 weeks. I did get a few things done though, and it makes next month a bit easier as I still have the 2 lots of Shadowspear to do, 1 Rhino and I started on a captain in Gravis Armour. Review Time
I started off with the Apothecaries, which in hind sight was a bit of a mistake, as my mood took a nose dive when I struggled to get them done. It was also about now, that work went south.
As an easy finish I added some bells to the Death Guard dreadnought Allurn of Dale.
When I'd got my head back in the game I finished off the 1st of the Apothecaries and the Shadowspire Librarian, which is one of my favourite minis GW have made to date. Lovely to put together and paint.
Then I started on the Conquest Chaplians, rather than do both together I did them one at a time, the first was for The Lion's Blades.
I then finished the captain in Phobos armour for The Lion's Blades.
Then I went back to the Apothecary and in a coin toss painted it up for The Star Leopards chapter.
The second Chaplian was done next, before I finished off the month with the 2nd Captain in Phobos armour.
I wasn't a fan of the servo skull on the knee or the shouty man head so I did a simple head swop with a spare Intercessors helmet and some green stuff.

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