Thursday, 16 April 2020

Monthly Vow, April The 14th to May The 12th

Oops, couple of days late here. Well after checking the last Monthly Vow post, I look to have hit the target and made a start on the next month's before I got this started. Target for the coming month, I'm finishing off the last metal venerable Dreadnought as a Chaplain Dreadnought for the Lion's Blades, as well as getting on with a couple of squads Intercessors, beyond that, there's still Lazarus and the Night Haunt Knights that are coming in 2 weeks from Mortal Realms, depending on distribution issues.
Review Time
Oh yes, the night I forgot my glasses... I started with the White stuff, getting the White Scar Terminator and the Luna Wolf pair started.
The next night I made sure I bought my glasses, and then made a start on the White Scar Tartarus, with a crack at free hand tribal designs, which isn't to bad.
And the pair together.
The Luna Wolves officer was finished with gold trim and black.
Then the Dreadnought was finished.
The pair of these look well together.
The next night was the green night, I started off with the very ungreen Nagini, again this was a requested colour from my daughter.
Next up was Voldemort, with his green robe and pale skin. Just a shame its a recast.
The Salamander Tartarus was also done on the same night, with another light bit of free hand.
The Salamander pair.
The blue night, the Night Lords pair and the Ultramarine, for the Night Lords I watched the how to paint video, and it seems I've deleted the painting photos of them.
The Night Lords pair, while I personally prefer the axes I will use the lightening claws in October.
And the Ultramarine officer, yes that is a Dark Angels sword.
And the Heresy that is the Ultramarine dread and it's companion.
The Talons of the Emperor box got added to the Armies on Parade board, taking the total pairs up to 19.
For a change of pace I bought a Wild West Exodus Legendary Lincoln. The last shot with Secuitor was for a size comparison, he might yet end up in the Stormcast army.
The parade board.
I made a start on planning the 2021 board.
Some bases and some spray painting.
And a couple of star gazing photos.
The grave yard that came with Mortal Realms went down well with a coworker who asked if I could get one for her.
She is looking forward to the rest of this set arriving.
The Castigators and Secuitors got finished
The Knight Questor was really nice to put together and paint and with an additional layer of averland sunset to the Stormcast cloaks I was able get the finish I wanted to get the sun rise I was using as my inspiration.
And in a surprise move the Necron Knight got rebooted.
And I got a pretty good photo of the Super Pink Moon over Winter Hill.
I put the legs and feet together on the Chaplain dread, ended up with some green stuff holding the foot on.
And the last thing I did was the Tomb Banshee, I was aiming for a Miss Havasham vibe with the wedding dress.

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