Friday, 24 April 2020

Another Company Master And A Start On This Year's Vow

And now to the target for this year, demi company of Primaris, using the red cowling and different belt colour as the 2 main differences between the 2 halves of the Company. I'll be throwing a squad in with a bronze aquila because when I started painting Primaris for this army I hadn't looked at it in a while and so did what I wanted when I went back and found some of the old marines had a bone aquila, short back story involved for that, so when I got going again I went back to bone, as a recruite the marines are told the tales of betrayal, write them out on parchment, burn them, and mix the ashes into paint, the colour is associated with grief and morning on one of the recruitment worlds, so a marine is armoured against the lies of his enemies. The bronze aquila denotes an Indomitus Crusade veteran, a bone aquila denotes a raised Lion's Blades marine.
And company master with monster hunter. The helmet is in honour of a great warrior from one of the recruitment worlds of the Lion's Blades who, a warrior wronged by his king and left to die, after a tail of bloody revenge, the warrior took the Kings head and burned the Palace to the ground, leaving no one alive. No one remembers the wronged warriors name, just that from the night forward he was called Death's Head.

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