Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Revisiting The Exodite Army

The box my Exodite army was in went brittle and had to binned this morning, so while I was transferring to a cardboard box I got some up to date photos. Not got the 8th Ed Codex so not sure if the 20 strong guardian bands are still legal. The idea was this was one of the first Exodite worlds established, so some of the war gear and weapons are much older than the later leaving Craft worlds. I didn't include the Wraith Lords or War Walkers as their storage boxes are fine.
Counts as Shadow Spectors made with an excess of Harlequin Death Jesters.
The old version Striking Scorpions, as the first father of this Aspect fell to Chaos, and these Aeldar left before that happened and were cut off from main stream Aeldar Culter, they didn't find out about the fall of the Pheonix Lord and shift in weapons.
The Dore Avengers Aspect Warriors are made from old Dark Elf Corsairs
Not sure where this one is going, counts as Falcon I think, but it's still on pause.
Rangers made using Wood Elf Way watchers
The counts as Howling Banshees, using Black Scorpion Pirate Girls, one Mordemhiem Wytch Elf and a named 3rd Ed character.
Shiny new donkey to the first person that names the character,{disclaimer, donkey might not be new, or shiny or in fact a donkey but just a smug feeling of being correct}
The HQ section, half of which are no longer legal,like the one at the back with Shadow Spector jump pack, Banshee mask and prism rifle
The Avatar of the World Spirit, not a tree man ancient at all.


Frost and Fists said...

Really interesting conversion project!
~ Wolfbrother Methos

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Wait until you see the Wraith Lords.