Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Finished The Chaplain Dreadnought

Was digging in the Lion's Blades Dreadnought box today looking for the lost thumb for this dread, when I came across the missing shin plate, I ended up doing a swop from the 3rd dread as it had 2 thumbs, a bit of glue and an edge highlight later and it was ready to smite the Fallen and point out just how naught you are.
The Warden of the Lion's Blades Rites was just glued together today.
Eventually I also dragged out number 3, the Ancient One, Herald Of The On Coming Storm, The One Winged Angel, legend has it that the marine that pilots this venerable Dreadnought fought beside those who fought with The Lion.
To have all 3 of these ancient machines on the field of battle is an I'll omened time for the Chapter.

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