Sunday, 19 April 2020

Thought And The Potential Of The Latest Preview

Pretty sure there is plenty of posting on the blog o sphere talking about these already, so I'm adding my take to that long list. My thoughts on seeing the War Cry Daughters of Khaine were "wow those would look great in a Harlequin army, which of my Troupes could I fit them in, and what roles would they fill?" It didn't take long to come up with some answers to the self set questions.
This one was an easy option for me, I'd use this as a Death Jester or at a pinch as the Trouper with a fusion pistol, as the twin pistol minis denote the fusion pistols in the old metal minis.
This one my only thought was a Solitaire, zero work needed. If you did want to convert it, swop one of the arms for a shuriken pistol and you can call it a Great Harlequin.
Fiddled with the lightning levels on this one, when I saw it my first thought was a shadow Seer from the top picture when I saw the video and the glave I was absolutely thinking Shadow Seer, if you wanted to though you could use it as a Great Harlequin.
When I saw this one my main thought was "I could never do that face justice" then I saw her hobbit feet. Okay my negatives aside the option of a tragic mother during The Fall stage projection worked for me, either as a Shadow Seer weaving the story or Great Harlequin playing the role. I will be buying the War Cry box for sure, and adding those to the Wyld Ones Troupe to replace the old Wardancers in there and maybe the Death Jester, the cloak and glave works well for another Troupe Leader in my Grand Masquerade, The One Who Takes, the rest I can work out when the box is released.

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