Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Light Relief From The Dread Filled Month

I had a number of Death Jesters knocking around in the Harlequins box doing very little. I asked about how Shadow Spectors had been altered in volume 2 of IA 11 and they can now come in squads of 10 with an Exarch, some of the Raiders had to sacrifice their gunners to make this unit but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

I started off by suddenly finding I had some slate in my pocket and some other stones, I don't know how they got there and I then fixed them to the bases with vast amounts of green stuff, good job I buy it in 3ft strips from Troll Trader.

Yesterday I dug out the gunners from the Raiders during the day and at night I added them to the stones.

And painted them all. Jesters and stones got a base of karahk stone then the Jesters got an oxide wash with a white dry brush, the stones got a mix of stone and Fang grey then a wash of nuln oil although I did leave one in stone with sepia wash.
Now to finish this unit off I plan to add a second of the new plastic Death Jester when I get paid next month so I don't need to use Mugan Ra in this squad.

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