Monday, 14 September 2020

Monthly Vow 14th Of September To The 12th Of October

 Also includes The Chilling Wargamers August Challenge, and Yearly Vow achieved.

Bit of a big month over all then.

September - October Target. 

The Mandalorian box finally arrived in early September, I built one just to see how it looks and do a size comparison with a marine and a Primaris, I'll get those built and painted this month. 

I have The Lion and Crusade, which I'm reading this week The Lion I'm hoping to get down for the end of September, I also have Asmodai and Azrael in their Primaris forms to paint, still thinking of adding some smoke grenades to the base of Asmodai. 

Around that I'll get back to the Mortal Realms stuff, there is another scenery issue for the coworker and the next Stormcast character is going to her as well, 

Review Time

This gets a bit wibbly wobbly as I'm putting the Chilling Wargamers August Challenge in here as well.


My honest opinion is the body diameter and the internal diameter of the fairings is the same, which leaves that panel gap. Hope the next generation of bikes get that sorted. 

First finished was the 3 Outrider bikes, also PSA paint the inside of the fairing and mud guard before you put it together. 

Next up was a G sprue, with the Chaplain, Judiciar, Blade Guard ancient, Blade Guard Veterans and Eradicators got assembled, I then started on the Judiciar with an Ushabati bone base coat and then 4 costs of Agrax Earthshade for the leather look. 

Not going to lie, I bottled it on the hour glass and chopped it off and swopped it for a Dark Angels icon

I think this might be my favourite mini from the box set. 

Masses of bases got astrogranite on, then an agrax earthshade wash.

Now we are into the Monthly Vow

I made a choice to make this one a bit different and decided to use as little metallic paint as possible, I'd also seen someone asking how to get an Amber finish on a mini so had a go with the Captain. 

Everything got an Ushabati bone base coat, then the decorations got a few coats of Reikland Flesh wash, once I was close I tried a yellow dry brush on 1 peice and an orange dry brush on the other.

The sword had 3 coats of nuln oil wash in an attempt to get an obsidian like finish. The Eagle and iron halos on this all got finished off with a palid wytch flesh coat, for The first synthetic ivory look. 

The Captain, sorry Company Master even got a name, Blacathatair, which kind of ended up with a theme for the rest of the month.

The Chaplain was done next and got a name, a befitting his aggressive looking face, Barten Wells, again I was aiming for as little as possible metallic paint on this, so lots of reikland flesh and agrax earthshade wash was used. 

The result of the naming I ended up buying the Sisters Of Battle Imager to replace/run alongside the Blade Guard ancient. 

Bob and Kate both got the ushabati bone base and agrax earthshade wash leather treatment, both standards then had orange and yellow painted in random stripes on, before 4 coats of Reikland Flesh wash 

Still need to do the tilt plate on this and pretty much every other tilt plate as well, but as I need to work some background out for this company for that. 

The first squad of Eradicators was done at the same time as Bob and Kate. 

The Lieutenants and the first lot of Blade Guard Veterans were started again the agrax earthshade wash treatment on the belts, holsters and pouches.

George and Percy

Again trying to keep the metallic paint to a minimum. 

The Blade Guard Veterans got done, these guys have had a bit of a crap time, they have reached veteran first company status, while in the Indomitus Crusade, but once in The Lion's Blades they had to strip their armour bare and repaint it black, and as they progress through the 1st Company Circles they are allowed to paint a panel bone. Again still need to do the tilt plates

The first squad of Assault Intercessors, was done over 2 nights, I also got the bases done for the second squad of bikes at the same time. 

The first lot of the Azyrite Ruins was finished for my coworker. 

I picked up the last 3 bikes and got them finished. My plan for these is to get the Codex suppliment and then get to work on the Primaris 2nd Company as the minor goal after the Necrons.

As I said, I really like the Judiciar model, I still want to try and kit the bash one into High Marshal Helbretch, it was a coin toss about doing that with number 3 or doing a Cypher conversion and I found a metal Cypher cheap on ebay. I was looking for some of the robed heads when I came across the Cypher Ella. 

Cypher lost his plasma pistol and the Judiciar lost his temporis hour glass. I used the power pack from the Cypher Ella as it is a little bit bigger than the metal Cypher power pack. I trailed both versions of the Lion's Sword on this one. 

I'm rather glad I bought the magnifier head band, there is no way I would have got the head done without it. And everyone preferred the helmet... 

I built the White up to a palid wytch flesh, with white high lights. And switched to the metal Lion's Sword.

 Next up was a couple of undead for the coworker as a proof of concept on the colour scheme. 

Just waiting for the next undead team to be released, hopefully for Halloween to finish this off. 

Next up was the Eradicators 2nd squad, I'd chatted to a mate about this and part of that was how would they look with an assault cannon. Now as I'd found the rotar cannons while digging for robed heads, I cropped the guns off them and started trying to get the on the Eradicators, some magnets, some filing and we had a viable idea.

My next plan was to convert the Chaplain and Blade Guard ancient from Indomitus into Azrael and Asmodai

I paused this one as I was waiting for a shoulder pad to mount. Im not sure if I'm going to use the metal Azrael as the Watcher carrying the helmet or just use the watcher. 

The decapitation was really easy needing only a tiny touch up with file, the fimcast shoulder pads took a bit of work, although I did loose the knee pad under the sofa.

The plan is to get both of these painted this month. 

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