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Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 12 A

 Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion story part 12 A. Now with orginal AI art work


"You're in the Ring Of Brodga." The woman shouted back, "You can't be in there, it's a monument." She informed them in a confused tone of voice.

"Don't worry we're not stopping. Which way is Cornwall?" Claire shouted, the woman pointed South. "Thanks!" Claire called, "Hand on shoulder," she told David as she touched the crystal again and rode the lightning southwards. The flew down the Great Glenn, over Loch Ness and Loch Lochy, Fort William on their right, they flew over Ben Nevis carrying on over land then sea, The Isle of Arran on their right, out over The Irish Sea, with the Isle Of Man on their right the West Coast of England on their left. Over the mountains of Wales, descending over the Severn Estuary. The 2 Severn Bridges flashed past, the Somerset levels on their left, then Devon. Descending and slowing they went over land with small towns and villages reaching the craggy cliffs of Cornwall. Slowing and descending Claire saw the headland with a hotel, a circle with a big H that Claire aimed for, landing on the H.

"How was that?" Claire asked David.

"A lot smoother." He replied.

"Where's this secret base then?"

"It's in a sub basement of the hotel." Claire tilted her head back and squinted at him, walking around the hotel towards sea and the island, ignoring the collumned entrance for now and looked at the place that might once have been Camelot, she changed back to her street clothes. 

"That it?" She asked.

"it's an Iron Age Hill Fort, what did you expect it to look like?" David asked.

"I don't know. A wall at least."

They strolled around the hotel and around to the bridge and the path with all the stairs down to the older bridge.

"According to myth that cave was home to Merlin. Treasure hunters then actual archaeologists have done several digs and found nothing in the cave. Because it's mostly under the hotel behind us."

"So what was Glastonbury?"

"An opening to the cave here. Apparently there are several openings, a couple in Wales, Glastonbury, Alderley Edge, Banburough Castle, Dumbarton Castle and Église Saint-Onenne in Tréhorenteuc in Brittany, which is nice to bob over to France and avoid the boarder problems."

They walked over the bridge and followed the path around the island, joining a tour group and getting the potted history of the place with the a group of Japanese Dr Martin fans. They followed the group to the church and found a few details about St Materiana, and it's blend of ancient and not so old stone work.

As the tour group was guided back to the coach Claire followed David into the hotel and down into the cave complex. The walls were Cornish Granite, the seven tables were arranged in a circular fashion in the centre of the cave. Around the walls were a number of Blackstone artifacts, there was a large quartz crystal next to a forge in the back of the cave, along with a tool rack, workbench and anvil in sensible working triangle. Claire studied the crystal and felt a susurrus coming from it but couldn't hear anything clearly. She checked the devices but couldn't be sure what to make of them, so took photographs of them all to show to The Warden. One had a map of Britain and Europe displayed.This map didn't have the North Sea. The English channel looked more like a huge river made up of the Rhine, Senne and The Thames, while the Irish Sea was a channel between the west coast of Scotland and the north coast of Ireland, the Isle Of Man was still connected to England. Not knowing Ice Age coastal levels and not wanting to pay the data roaming charges her phone network would slap her with Claire asked, "Is there WiFi down here?"

"Of course, the password is on the back of the router. Which is..." David looked around the cave and found the modern desk with its back to back desk top PC's, printer and mess of cables, David reached over the and snapped a cover plate off the back of the modem and passed it over." Merlin's Cave network is the one you want to connect to." 

Claire put the 3 random words into her phone when prompted and connected to WiFi. "Do you know how old that map is?" She asked. 

"An expert on the Ice Age has it at roughly 8,000 years ago." Claire's phoned pinged as the WiFi warmed up. "Sounds like your popular" David joked. 

Claire scrolled through the notifications, several work emails, 2 missed calls and a YouTube upload # for Diamond Rainbow, she clicked on that first, it had been uploaded by the woman with the pram. The video started off with Claire and David standing in the grass inside the stone circle, she could see herself and David talking 

" Excuse me where are we?" Claire called out on the video. 

"You're in the Ring of Brodga."

The back and forth between them, David putting his hand on her shoulder as they turned and then a lightning strike shooting up from the ground and they were gone, the camera view switched to a full face close up, of the woman," Was that one of the Sparkle Friends? Who was she with? What does this mean?" She asks the camera then a YouTube advert started signalling the end of the video. 

"Oh well that isn't going to be good." Her phone flashed a new email notification from her dad. She opened it up and quickly scanned the message. "How far out are the others?"

"Flight plan should have them heading to Portsmouth to refuel then onto here. Best estimate," he checked his watch, "they'll be about about half an hour from Windsor to Portsmouth, 30 minutes to refuel and do checks. Then it's just over an hour with favourable winds from Portsmouth to here."

"So how long?" Claire asked.

"About an hour now."

"Can we get food from upstairs?" She asked.

"We can eat in the restaurant if you want," David replied, "we don't have to stay stuck down here. Most of us have places in town. I guess we were lucky the 6 guys where all here earlier." The pair of them went back upstairs to the lobby, Claire followed David to the restaurant and they had a wonderful meal while they waited for the helicopter. They moved into the bar, Claire logged on to the hotel WiFi and answered her work emails, her office director was asking her to report in first thing in the morning, accounts were asking why her expenses were late again, she used the WiFi to phone her parents and reassure them that she was uninjured then phoned Angel's parents and Zander to let them know what was going on and that everyone was fine. 

David saw the Merlin coming into land on the helipad and pointed it out, they walked outside to watch the chopper coming in, "Was this installed for you?" she asked David pointing to the pad.

"Actually no, several of the regular guests asked for it, so they can fly in for the weekend when they want. We didn't complain about it. We also double as helicopter pilots, we take them down to Newquay and drive back." He had to shout the last bit as the Merlin's engine howling as it landed. The side door slide open and the 6 men in armour got out as well as Kat in her street clothes and Angel in her armour, they crouch walked away. Claire grabbed Kat and Angel and told them about her detour to Orkney and the video, as well as the leaving a message on Morven's parents answer phone. Angel changed back to her street clothes and they had a quick tour of the cave, Angel could feel something calling to her and had a walk down to the beach but wasn't able to narrow down where the feeling was coming from. Angel told Claire about the deal Kat had made to teach Robbie, Jamie, Micheal, Gary, Phil and David how to unlock some of the abilities Kat had found in their weapons and expressed an interest in coming back and trying to find what it was she could feel was out there. They grabbed a bite to eat from the kitchen, stood on the helipad, changed and transitioned to The Tomb. 

"I forgot to ask them about that image of the red creature they had." Angel grumbled as they arrived. 

"I'm going back Monday morning our time which is Monday evening for them, and it's not like you don't know where to go, and we have email, phone numbers and an address for them. You can reach them." 

"Good point." 

"I need to show you some photos of the Knights of Sâl Arwydd's cave, they have several artifacts that wouldn't look out of place here, " Claire told The Warden, " how do you want to do it, on the lecturn thing, " Claire looked at the place where the smart phone was integrated into the Tomb's system, "or do you want to look at them?"

The whisp formed and started to unfold, "oh no, the whisp is fine I don't need you looming over my shoulder." It stopped and folded back on itself in that strange way, Claire swiped through the photos she'd taken the Whisp looked at the unfathomable Blackstone devices. 

"I would really need to examine these myself to decern their purpose. I think at least one of them is a sleep controller." 

Kat looked at the Whisp, "Well there might be a chance, does this," Kat pointed at the Whisp, " have a range?" 

"I do not know, I have never needed to send it beyond the Tomb."

"We can try when we go home, you can come back with one of us". They debriefed with The Warden, lessons learned about how to heal the rifts gone over and importantly the question of the Knights equipment was raised. 

"I would have to study their armour to be certain." 

"I told them that, I can bring a set here in a couple of days or if this works we can collect you Monday and you can come with us and do what you need to do while we train the guys, and you can let them know if their armour can be upgraded." 

The gas in the tube stopped moving and the whisp looked at the Tube, a pair of black eyes were briefly glimpsed in the depths with hints of other features.

"This might violate my sentence," the Warden mused.

"Seeing as the Queen tried to kill your charges I think the sentence is open to negotiation, and this is to further our aim in saving humanity." 

Claire checked her phone for the time. "We'd better get back to San Dimas, I need a shower after today. Before we go and see Morven's parents" The women stood shoulder to shoulder, the whisp floated in Angel's hand. Their was the sensation of the transition and the 3 women were in Angel's garden, the whisp floated in Angel's hand. It rotated, then zoomed around the garden inspecting flowers, sand and rocks, it went and hovered over Claire's shoulder and with a whoosh of air it was gone. 

"So it's solid." Angel replied as they walked inside, they booked 2 Ubers for Kat and Claire, as they waited they sorted out a plan for later that evening, with Angel picking Kat up and meeting at Claire's house and then driving them over in Angel's beloved mini van.

When Angel picked Kat up she noticed it sat lower on its suspension than most other mini vans, sitting in the passenger seat as the engine reved it had more depth than she'd expected.

"Your brother was into cars wasn't he?"

"Is, is into cars."

"He tweek this?" She asked.

"Modded this, and," Angel smiled and looked across at Kat,"yeah he did, its not Street race ready but it'll leave any other mother standing at a red light." Kat laughed, "What's the 0-60?" Angel looked around the residential area,"We can find out on the freeway." She replied as she burned rubber out of the street leaving 2 trails of black rubber on the road. Angel didn't break her best 0 to 60 time on the drive to Pamona. On the drive over to 1238 Oak View Lane all 3 of them felt a weight growing in their chests growing with each revolution of the wheels. Claire had brought her communicator with her, and was holding hers stacked on top of Kat's and Angel's, hoping to still be able to get through to the device Morven was still carrying with her, and give her parents a chance to talk to their daughter again.

They turned into Oak View Lane and followed the road as it curved, and then into the cul de sac. Kat's breath caught in her throat at her first sight of this house in 20 years. Angel parked on the short drive, undid her seat belt, opened the door, got out and looked at Kat. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the seat edge.

"I don't know if I can go through with this. This is too much, I'm calling an uber and going home." Kat stated, eyes fixed on the garage door

Claire opened the passenger side and sat in the door well, she put one hand on Kat's

"Sweety, this is 2 people who've know you for years, that let you sleep in their house and wash your stinky boot socks in their washing machine, they've missed you as much as my parents had. They'll want to know how you are doing and what you've been up to." Angel could see the front door open and Peggy walk out and come straight over, Struan followed her out and looked over to the car, he waited at the front door, tall as ever, hair more grey than black now, but still trim. Peggy, her hair still the same shade of red it had always been, moved Claire out the way when she got to the car, sat in the same spot, leaned in and put her arms around Kat and just held her. Kat let go of the seat and put her arms around Peggy and hugged her back, twisting a little in her seat to do so.

"I'm sorry," Kat breathed into Peggy's hair.

Peggy pulled back and wiped the tears from Kat's eyes, smiled at her and hugged her again,"Dont be a numpty, you've got nothing to be sorry for," She told her,"now are you coming in?" Peggy made a show of looking behind the seat, "I'm not seeing any washing back there."

Kat smiled, "I have my own machine now."

"Oh good, I've got several loads of washing I need to do, I'll be round with them tomorrow morning." Peggy joked, "If you come in you can help sort into lights and darks"

Kat undid the seat belt and swung her legs out of the car.

Standing, Peggy put her arm around her shoulder and guided her to the front door. Strune looked down at her as she walked to the door. He held out his arms and hugged Kat as well.

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