Thursday, 8 December 2011


So this weekend and time off during the week was like a trip back in time for me, painting a toy car and gluing guns to it. I almost felt 15 again and playing Dark Future with my friends and brother before going and playing Blood Bowl.

Still enough of the nostalgia and back to the modern day. I spent most of the week looking for a Micro Machine tank but gave up as I couldn't find one anywhere in town, so I started to look at the matchbox-hotwheel sized cars to use. I wanted something that looked like it would be okay off road, so chunky wheels and high ground clearance where a must. I saw a couple but settled on this one , the Jungle Crawler from Matchbox. I painted it black and dry brushed it with bolt gun metal then added the yellow and black hazard stripes. I've done a litte extra as I've added painted sections from the other warbands to the car to give it some unity to the overall warband.

The Fimilar itself actually drives the car, I've given it the Doombolt power, and with no thought what so ever have called it Doombolt this will go with my Sourcerer when I get him back from GW Preston and I think I'll mount it on a base from Hasslefree miniaturs as they have some cool looking post apocolypes bases. There's so many to choose from!

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