Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Plans

So New Years Eve is here, and as I'm getting paid to sleep tonight I thought I'd do a blog post about what I've done this year and what my plans are for next year.

So 2011. Well I started out the year with a massive Fallen Angel Army and some nebulos ideas of where I'm going with it. I liked the idea of doing an army that was made up of various units with different colours thrown in to show attrition and the nature of campaigning army to have lots of units crashed together. This idea lead me to sitting down one wet weekend with a number of Codecis and the 3 Index Astartes I have to read and come up with a plan to change my army. I started by culling the XIX and moving the models around to give me a number of Iron Warriors and Knights of Blood. I bought some Space Crusade Chaos Androids and some 2ed Necrons to use with the Eye of Terror Lost and the Damned list until I found out that that list is no longer game legal, so I'm now using a Renegade Guard army list as Skittarii and the Androids are going to be used as more Marines/Chaos Androids/Necrons depending on mood. My Black Sisters are almost done for now, waiting for the release of the plastic SOB.

And now, to quote Fish, '' where do we go from here?''

2012 Well I'm getting another order from Hasslefree Miniatures to finish off, for now at least, The Black Sisterhood. Just going to keep my eyes open for a large scale female figure to use as a Daemon Princess for them. The XIX for now only need 5 more DA Veterans and 5 more Jump Packs to be done and dusted. The Iron Warriors are paused for now, while I wait for the Legion Codex to come out, the only plan for these guys for now is a Daemon of Iron and Violence. Looking at the Zombie Dragon for this as I'll be able to use some of the bits for The Knights of Blood... As to them, well I can build on what I've got. Plan is start off with a Daemon Prince, plan is to use the basic GW plastic and pose it like The Sanguinaer or as close as I can. More Marines, which will be a mix of Khorne Berzerkers, standard Marines and some of the branded Blood Angels. There'll also be transpor; Land Raiders, Storm Ravens, Razorbacks and Rhinos. The Androids will be re-enforced with more Necrons. The Skittarii I'm not to sure what to do with them, leave it for now or go ahead and build them up now. Last buy for them is going to be a titan.

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