Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Harlequins To Do List

Before I started to paint Azreil's Troupe I got the whole Masque out to judge what needs doing.

So I have 3 Troupes to do one for Poison Ivy that I'm looking at either Dryadds or treekin for this one, Skeleton which I was thinking either the Dark Elves with the skull face mask or Necrons and the troupe for Azreil that I readt to paint in the kitchen, the Death Jesters are getting high lights in the troupe colours, I also have the Death Jester for The Jokers Troupe that I want to add some colour to to get it to fit.

While I had the Masque out I thought I would give the Shadowseers something to tie them in with "their" Troupe, most likely paint the hair in the Troupes main colours.

I also got the Razorwing out, so as to give it some orange so it'll fit the Diplomatic Corps a bit better.

Next up orange.

I also want to repaint the pilot and gunner from these 2 Raiders black and orange to match the rest of the Raiders, as I changed my mind about having 2 different styles of pilots.

So this is the last bit to do, which is basically do the hair to match the Troupe.


greggles said...

That is quite the army Paul! So many models....

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Thanks, they'll be well over 100 minis when it's finished. Not sure how much it'll come to points wise.