Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Monthly Vow, 12th of Aug

So what have I not finished this month, just done my customary check on last months vow and the only thing I haven't finished I think was the 2 Voidweavers, started one at least, t'other is still boxed up waiting to get done, well those 2 are second on the last to do before the 12th of September after my Banshee Exarch, I've ordered a Treeman Ancient so I can finish off Jussi Nietos and Grandmother Telvig this month as well, next up it'll have to start painting Guardian squads, and this army ready to roll, just need to fill out some extras, like Scorpions, Fire Dragons and Banshees for now.
So last month;

I painted 34 Dark Shards to be counts as Dire Avengers.

I finished the Stegladon thing off as far as I can without a support weapon to mount on it, as that is future buy I've put this away for.

I got some photos of a willow tree to compare it to a silver birch for how I plan to paint Grandmother Telvig.

This is important to me okay?.

After reading the Dark Angel Codex I knew I had to do a Warden In White Dreadnought using the old metal Venerable Dread I have in my collection, the one that was Thunderchild, so as I'd pulled everything out the other day to check what I had Formation wise I pulled the Chaos Dread from The Unhallowed, as it looks old and painted it up for my Deathwing,

And upgraded this chap with a Plasma Cannon.

I have this to paint black with an orange ribbon on it + the other still boxed

this lady to finish as my Howling Banshee Exarch,

and I plan to re-paint the 10 of these Incubi as counts as Striking Scorpions, from before the Father Fell To Chaos.

So 2 Voidweavers, 1 character, 10 Incubi and 2 Wraith Lords to knock off this month. Best get over this infection thay has me so distracted right now.

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