Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Monthly Vow 14th of December To The 12th Of January

 Okay, okay today is the 16th, and I wanted to get a bit more done on the team before I did this post.

Yes, nice vague objective and I still manage to miss it. 

So this month, I'll be splitting it into 2 parts, 16th to the 31st of December and the 1st to the 12th of January, as that will play into the yearly progress, and kind of help me with yearly progress book keeping. 

So Vow wise, first up is to the finish the team for the coworker, one of my groups is doing a secret santa type thing and I opened mine a little early, to make sure it wasn't a present bought by my daughter. I can tie these into the Björn Force and the Ordo Astartes army, {pretty much ignored that they have been this year}, and I think I can put them together with the last 3 of the Blade Guard, don't want to say what they are before the weekend, when the Chilling Wargamers will be doing a group chat and we'll open the what we got.

Beyond that, I've got another Necromantic Horrors Blood Bowl team on order for a pick up along with the Space Wolves suppliment, but I think it'll be for January Vow, I'm also looking at buying an Ezikael and a Halbrecht and using some of the left over officers from the Indomitus Crusade box to cross those 2 and Pedro Kantor over the Primaris Rubicon, just need to check the bank next week to be sure I can get them, with compromising anything else.


I started off the month with the Necromunda Rogue Doctor. It really is so much fun to paint, pictured here along side a far earlier version of the character.

Next up and it was time to put my big boy pants on and get some paint on Scinari Cathallar, although in this case she's a stage projection of the Star Player Shadow Seer, The Greiving Mother. I bought the flesh tone contrast paint for this, {pretty sure I'm going to use this a lot more going forward as I really do like how well it looks on this one}. Yes it should have a front part on the head gear, but as this is going to be in storage a lot and I'm almost certain it'll break.

These 2 finally arrived, got the ATV done, as you'll see, the Chaplain is still on sprue. 

The Carne Wraith was a fairly quick and easy distraction, again for the coworker. 

I got both the Ridge Runner and the Invader ATV built and painted, I would rather go ahead with another Ridge Runner over the ATV. 

The Ridge Runner is just a better vehicle. 

It just looks so much better. 

Looking at the 2 side by side I'm definitely going with the ground up off roader rather than the Invader, but just the one as then it's 3 of the support vehicles to the 3 Outrider squadrons. 

Made a start on this, it'll be a on going project. 

I made a start on the last captain from the Indomitus Crusade box, although this one I'm making this into a Pedro Kantor, and this build is more a proof of concept than concrete first step in the build process. 

This team is great fun to build and paint. 

There is so much character in this team. 

There is still a few bits to go on these though. 

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