Thursday, 10 December 2020

Prieston Dead Enders

 Around a system error on my ps4 that resulted in me reformatting the external hard drive and downloading destiny 2 3 times, I got the ushabati bone base coat on and a screaming skull coat, all the skin got a coat of taketh flesh and a  reikland flesh wash on the werewolf skin and part of the flesh golem, while giving all the zombie linemen and Ghoul runners and part of flesh golum a camoshade wash. 

As well as the team I also started having a look through the unused Indomitus stuff and had a look at the GW marine stuff and thought I'd have a crack at making the Captain from the box into a Pedro Kantor, as the stance is close enough. 

I will look for another power fist to use, I will also look for a better storm bolter to use, but I think that helmet is the right one to go with, and after pay day I'll be getting another set of those Zinge flexibly ammo feeds for it, the plan is once bills are paid and Christmas money is moved around I'll look at buying a Pedro and a Halbrecht and see how I do converting those over Christmas. Something easy to get me out of 2020 and into 2021.

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