Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Assault Intercessors

 Ah, ignore the messy table.

Made a start on the Assault Intercessors from the Imperium series yesterday,

Minor kit bash with a couple of heads and the dagger drawing hand from the Space Wolf upgrade sprue. 

Primed before training yesterday, then stormhost silver, seraphim sepia wash got done before tea last night. The pallid wytch flesh wash was done while the kids eat and the dry brush got done with NCIS. 

This morning was the 2 faces with Cadian flesh, the belts got done with steel Legion drab and the base with Martian Iron Crust. Plan tonight is agrax earthshade on the belts and bases, reikland flesh wash on the faces and base coats and washes on the blue and yellow shoulder pads. 

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