Friday 3 February 2023

February Update.

 I did get the Primaris box out yesterday and moved the 10th Company to their own box to give me some space in the 5th Company box, as well as moving over a Company Master, a Librarian and the Phobos Librarian action Ezikael.

I called it a day after that as I'm going to need a day when I can just not worry about having a big box out, and a table full of marines while I squad everything up, match arms up and organise everything and decided if 9 put them in a proper case or keep them in the current box.

So yes fingers crossed I can get 1 Dreadnought finished on what is laughingly called my day off next week as I have a team meeting to attend. At least I'm not waking up there as well.

Also I did a test run of getting to Manchester by bus, if there is a rail strike in April. 

I set off from Chorley at 11.10am and got the Wigan bus, then the bus to Leigh and then the bus to Manchester getting in to Piccadilly Gardens at 2.15. I'd gone to get some Vietnamese food from a place on Oxford Rd and order myself some Pho. 

It was some of the best food I've had and I felt much better after eating it, but not a another 3 bus, 4 hour journey. So I got the Bolton bus back. This one only took an hour and half to get to Bolton and the 125 was it's usually self. I set off at 3.45pm and got home at 6.30pm. So my take away from this is, if there is a rail strike on the 29th of April I'm up early for the first bus to Bolton, and then the Manchester bus and a quick walk down to Central Station and the Warhammer Fest. Let us hope the dispute is settled so I'm not spending 6 hours travelling and potentially bringing several boxes of stuff back on 2 buses. The only advantage is fares are £2, so it'll be £8 to get me there and back. 

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