Thursday 14 September 2023

Monthly Vow 12th Of September To The 12th Of October.

 Heavy month regards the real world since August, kids moving out, house upside down and record temperatures in September which I wasn't keen on painting in and I was focused on Assassin's Creed Odyssey... I'm still not happy about having to go and kill a Cyclops. 

So yes we'll my objectives were met as I did start the Blood Angels Dreadnoughts army but only with 1 so far.

Targets for next month.

More Dreadnoughts! 

Review Time.

Tank Girl Helmet

The youngest is a major Tank Girl fan so I found a helmet and painted it for her for her birthday. There are a couple of things to do still, the goggles arrived as has the rubber throwing star that I need to magnetise to the helmet. I also need to find the magnets to do that. 

I also saw a miniature of Count Binface that I picked up as all profits go to the NHS. 

The undersuit is black with layers of padding in shades of grey. 

I also made a start on the Brutalis Dreadnought, as well as getting the plan for the Dreadnought army bases sorted, it's the vallejo desert sand with a seraphim sepia wash. The Brutalis Dreadnought had a base coat of Mephisto red, they'll be a layer of evil sunz scarlet and wild rider red highlight with the lighter wild rider as a last highlight, now it's cooler and I've uncovered most of the map for Odyssey. 

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