Tuesday, 20 February 2018

3rd Night Of Bikes

Tonight's WIP, turns out I can't count as I still need 1 more bike to bring my last squadron up to 8 bikes and 1 attack bike.
I also did the Hellblaster combat squad tonight.
The older marines in The Lion's Blades have a bone trim on the shoulder, while newer recruits and the Primaris don't have this yet, this is because they have yet to have some of the Unforgiven's truth passed on to them, when this is done the marine writes it on a parchment and then burns it, he mixes the Ashes into the paint. As he progresses within the chapter and learns more of the truth he's allowed to paint add more bone paint , when if he is allowed to join the 1st Company he is armoured in the truth. And not because I forgot that they had the trim.

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