Saturday, 12 January 2019

An Easy Achievement

I've been struggling with my depression this week and a bit and was going to skip doing anything till my next monthly vow, but I needed to do something to give me a boost.
I started out with a simple re paint of what was once the Mentors Chapter Lieutenant into the black of The Lion's Blades, I had lost the bolt pistol arm or used it elsewhere, so gave this one an old marine bolt pistol arm.
The other mini is one of my old conversions , that would have been run as my counts as Tuberous The Red Wake,  in my Knights of Blood army. As it stands it'll be a Sgt in a close assault Terminator squad, I just need to find another helmet to give him. The Ogre fists are lightening claws on this guy and I am still thinking of getting the Red Butchers for the rest of the squad, or maybe just 8 axes at least.

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