Sunday, 6 January 2019

Guess What I Hadn't Included?

I started the base line the other day as a way to see what I've got and work out a plan for the year ahead. After last year where I sold off an army I needed to check my Dreadnought numbers and of course I'm down on last year's high of 69 by 5 as I only have 64. Now I have plans for the Sisters Of Battle dread which takes me back up to 65 and a standard dread so I can build the off hand flame storm cannon for the Seige Dreadnought I already have which I have no idea what I'll paint it as, and then he'll need a partner to go with the Iron Hands venerable dreadnought which takes me back to 66, plus the 3 I've already bought that I'm making into Boltstorm Aggressors takes me back to 69! So just one extra dreadnought to add to the to buy list, before I start buying Forge World dreads.

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