Saturday, 23 January 2021

Hei seksikäs

 Once the bills were paid and the money has to last me to the middle of next month, I found I had some more spare cash, so I had a look for this box on a couple of sites but they'd sold out, I eventually tracked one down and got it delivered yesterday before I left for work.

The plan is still the Queen as an alternative Solitaire, and the one with the villain cloak as a star player, the Doom Warlock with twin cross bows as a Death Jester, then I need to check how many of the old war dancers I pulled out of the Wyld Ones Troupe and replace those and add shuriken pistols.

Oh while I was tiding up this week, I found the instructions for the Chaplain on a bike, so I can finish that off as well now. 

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