Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Monthly Vow 14th December to 12th of January

 Loose vague target and missed it, but day working and Destiny 2, Christmas postage and my own messy nature haven't helped.

Targets are finish the 2 Crusaders while I wait for bits for the Halbrecht and the Pedro Kantor, I have, once again, lost the tilt plate so have ordered some replacements for this build, these have the Imperial Fist on, I still need to find some arms for the Ezikael. The rumor is that the Dark Angels Supplement is out in February, so buying is on hold until I get the release and minis around that, like the Land Speeder replacement and possibly the Blade Guard Veterans. There is still the Necromantic Horror team to do if I get the on with conversions done or feel like a change. About the only thing left to work out is what to make to round the Björn force up to 1250, if I do make the Thunder Wolf version I have 75 points spare to go, which is hard to work with or if I drop the Thunder Wolf I have 135 points to build a squad with. 

Review Time

The Pedro Kantor is progressing slowly, most of that reason is related to work, I've trimmed down the ammo feed a bit. 

The base has had some grey on it and a wash, just waiting for the tilt plate to arrive. 

I was unsure about which one of the Chaplain and Ancient to go with for this, and have some bits on the way to round it out.

The last bit I've started is Sapphire and Steel for the Inquisitior war band. 

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