Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dæmonittes And The Most Demanding Dæmon Roles

Weekend WIP's finished, I had 9 of these, the coated Incubi and the named Incubi Character. The coat is getting a commission job done on it, so will be leaving me shortly, the rest of the squad is going to be my counts as Dæmonittes, hope to be able to get 10 more of these at least before going over to Wytches for this side of the army. Drazahon is it is going into my Harlequin army, as part of the body guard unit for the Succubus/Solitaire, the other Incubi will be getting worked on over this month alongside the rest of the bits for the Malal Host. Now I just need a Venom for them to ride in.

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